Cadillac Confirms Converj

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
cadillac confirms converj

According to the Detroit News, the Cadivolt is go! Not that the announcement comes as any huge surprise: when has GM ever invested heavily in a new platform and not built a Cadillac version? On the other hand, when was the last time GM built a $40k Chevrolet? More importantly, where does the Caddy version’s price go from there?

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  • Noreserve Noreserve on Nov 10, 2009

    Gorgeous design - one of the best I've seen from GM. As others have stated though, it has a mismatched powerplant underneath. And you have to wonder whether it will end up as neglected and out-of-place as the nonevent that was the XLR. Cadillac does need to first put out a desirable cushy car for the gray set before they think they can justify venturing into this type of territory. Of course, they've been making this mistake for the last decade, so what's to stop them now? Until they have one single great car that is roomy, plush, reliable and truly competitive with a Lexus (the CTS doesn't cut it for that gray set), they have no business concentrating on anything else. And yes, that also applies to Chevrolet in the family sedan area.

  • KalapanaBlack KalapanaBlack on Nov 10, 2009

    When can we expect the Buick version? Agreed that this would have been the ideal first iteration - then, when it was tested to be profitable and/or popular, it could have filtered to lower model lines. Why don't they actually try something different and make every Cadillac a hybrid? Or every Buick? Or, crap, every GMC? Agreed that nobody is even awake (present?) in GM's wheelhouse. But what's new?

  • JeremyR JeremyR on Nov 10, 2009

    I have to agree that it's a looker, although it might be difficult to look out of!

  • Accs Accs on Nov 28, 2009

    Christ. Man this is what aggravates the HELL out of me.. about GM vehicles. They had the Eldorado.. which had a HUGE following.. they CANCEL that to make the XLR = Vette with fancier clothing. Then they cann that.. because of the Vette rule.. Now they make this POS.. for what!? What is this POS going to do.. that the XLR / Eldo cant / didnt?! P.S.. SOMEONE has been sitting in bathtubs up to their noses lately.. to think this is a good styling move