Bailout Watch 585: Uh-Oh

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

From The Detroit News:

Pelosi said Democrats want automakers to “thrive,” and she hasn’t ruled out additional support for automakers if they show that they are “viable.”

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • 95_SC 95_SC on Oct 05, 2009

    "Wow, that might be one of the most assinine things I’ve ever read. You cant let entire sections of this country die" When industries die then it is up to the leadership of those states to step up to the challenge and bring in new ones. There was no bailout of the textile industry in South Carolina when those jobs went overseas. But South Carolina is just a little, unimportant state huh. And what about that huge bailout for the New York Computer Industry when the focus shifted to Silicon Valley. Ohh yeah...didn't happen. Why don't the transplants build in Michigan? I'll tell you why, because the Political Leaders YOU elect make it better to do business elsewhere. There is still a thriving auto industry in the US. The companies in Michigan, with the exception of Ford, which is only doing less bad, just happen to be not part of it. If the leadership in Michigan had been responsible they would have sought to diversify by attracting transplants in addition to other industry. I won't stir the pot on your Union issues, but I think it is safe to assume you know where I stand on that...There is a reason the people who build cars in the US at a profit are non-union. So I stand by my statements. What is assinine is that you expect me to support and bail you out. My job is to find IED's. That is quite enough without my taxes supporting a deadbeat industry full of people too lazy to change with the times.

  • Love2drive Love2drive on Oct 05, 2009

    This thread is the exact reason I was dismayed by the bailouts - it politicized the car industry, and brought it to the same polarized place as other political things...

  • Njdave Njdave on Oct 05, 2009

    tooling designer: You are so oversold on GM & Chrysler's importance. By now, the level of layoffs and cutbacks to their suppliers has already risen to the point where a C7 would have a negligible impact, except in SE Michigan. As was stated above, if you can't find a job in your area, move. That's what my father did when his industry dried up. And you can indeed let an entire region fail. That's better than keeping them on life support gasping for each breath and depending on others for their well being. If they go down they have no choice but to rebuild and find and develop new industries. They will never do it willingly on their own. The only way that region will improve is for it to really hit rock bottom. Look at Pittsburgh after big steel collapsed. Look at it now after it reinvented itself as a financial and computing area.

  • Tooling designer Tooling designer on Oct 06, 2009

    @ njdave Obviously someone else agrees with me about the importance of GM and Chrysler. Considering YOUR (LOL) tax dollars are going to em. If they were unimportant to the overall well-being of this country they would have/will be allowed to go under. BUT, since they are so important to so many they are getting YOUR (LOL) money! My original point holds true. As of now they are too important to the USA to go under, but since they will continue to shrink if they cannot get things right the clout of these companies will be lessend. Hence, IF THEY DON'T GET THIER SHIT TOGETHER THEY WILL GO UNDER! (ish)! Also, I am proud to live in an area with people who won't cut and run when things get rough. Spare me the bullshit about how much help you think GM and Chrysler have gotten, you have no idea how much the people here have lost. @ mkirk What are my union issues again? Please inform me of them.