Ask the Best and Brightest: When Was the Last Time You Did Something Stupid In a Car?

Robert Farago
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  • Accs Accs on Oct 28, 2009

    krhodes: Funny... I know EXACTLY where you are talking about. There are whole stretches of highway.. where there are no lights, and no one around for a good 20minutes. I used to take trips up there in a A Class Winnebago a coupla years ago. Place made me be afraid of the dark.. knowing if you get stuck.. Literally.. you are stuck.

  • Newcarscostalot Newcarscostalot on Oct 29, 2009

    dolo54: Here in Washington State, the WSP makes everyone stop before they get to a mountain pass (such as I-90) and check to see if you have chains. If you don't, you don't pass! Hey, I just made a pun!

  • Newcarscostalot Newcarscostalot on Oct 29, 2009

    ChevyIIfan, Accords and Toscha: Funny!

  • Ronman Ronman on Oct 29, 2009

    I hate to admit it, but while testing a brand spanking new Z4 Sdrive 23 the other day, i decided to swap places with the guy that usually takes the shots and told him to do some 50kph passes over a very dusty road so we get a trailing panning shot... he did, on the last pass, he decided to have fun, and floored the car while the DSC is turned off and kinked the steering to supposedly step the rear out. and the Z4 responded with the graciousness of a short handle sledge hammer started to spin and headed towards a 100ft drop... thankfully a tree was there to stop him... total damages 2500$ bumper, headlight, one kidney grill. and as my career flashed before my eyes, the dumbass steps out of the car and urgently says, don't worry it will buff out... he's paying, and i got out scott free... lesson? never loan a loaner... especially to another person that doesn't understand the loaner concept...