TTAC Fashion Note: Never Wear Horizontal Stripes

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Give that man an Oscar. Or a dark-colored Burberry polo shirt.

New proximity sensor on my Viper alarm

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Chuck Goolsbee Chuck Goolsbee on Sep 07, 2009

    There was an idiot who had that exact same car alarm that would park in the garage across from my office years ago. It went off every time a bus went by, which was about every three minutes. I think any jury on earth would let you off if you killed people like this. --chuck

  • Puppyknuckles Puppyknuckles on Sep 07, 2009

    I need to absolutely guarantee that no one - I mean no one - gets within 3 feet of my incredibly rare late '90s Nissan shitbox. The smoked headlight covers alone are worth at least $14.99 + tax. Can you blame me? Don't hate!

  • Samir Samir on Sep 08, 2009
    Or a dark-colored Burberry polo shirt. I concur.
  • Afabbro Afabbro on Sep 08, 2009

    The thing to do is to call 911 every time it goes off. I mean, a car alarm going off means someone is trying to steal the car, right?