TTAC Does Video: Challenger SRT8 Review

Roman Mica
by Roman Mica

Welcome to the most recent addition to our team: Roman Mica. Mr. Mica is a veteran journalist with pistonhead proclivities. He’s fully committed to telling the truth about cars; so enjoy his contributions while he can still get press cars. I joke. A bit. Anyway, with our limited editorial budget, we’ll be linking to Mr. M’s website Every damn time. Both here in the text, and in the linkage area. So get used to it and the most excellent videography provided by Roman’s twelve-year-old son. BTW, why would the Challenger be pissed off that it has a 425hp engine? Just sayin’ . . . Hey, how about we send Baruth over to give Roman a little driving lesson?

Roman Mica
Roman Mica

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  • AJ AJ on Sep 06, 2009

    ^red60r, I was thinking more on the west side of the Poudre Canyon, towards Indian Meadows? The wood fencing in the background just looks familiar like I've stopped there before?

  • Red60r Red60r on Sep 06, 2009

    @Airhen, we were both off the mark -- I just noticed the Olde Stage Road intersection sign in the video, which puts him in Lefthand Canyon. Been there, done that.

  • AJ AJ on Sep 06, 2009

    ^Thanks, yes I have been up that canyon as well. (lol)

  • Albee213 Albee213 on Oct 01, 2009

    There are so many factors that can go into 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. The SRT-8 will do 0-60 in 5 seconds so do not kid your selves with your 70' Challenger R/T 440mag. If it was stock it would never do more that 6 seconds 0-60 unless you have the 426 HEMI. I have a Dodge Charger R/T and I can sqeeze out mid 5's 0-60 and 13.7 1/4.