Quote Of The Day: That We May One Day Build A Cayenne Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

“We’re building more than one car; we’re building a brand,”

McLaren boss Ron Dennis, on the announcement of the one car that McLaren is bringing to market in 2011, the MP4-12C. By 2015 McLaren hopes to offer a 911 competitor and a Carrera GT-class super-duper car, bringing total volume to 4,000 units per year, reports the Times. The MP4-12C is named for Dennis’s 1997 Formula One-winning race car, and will be rocking all the mid-engine V8, adaptive suspension, carbon-fiber chassis, gullwing doors and seven-speed accoutrement one expects at a $250k price point. Meanwhile, the designer of McLaren’s first road car is betting on tiny city cars. And it’s tough to tell which of the two is crazier.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Guyincognito Guyincognito on Sep 08, 2009

    I'd bet on Ron Dennis. No disrespect meant to Gordon Murray, but the fact is there will always be super rich people who want to flaunt their wealth. Ordinary people who can afford personal transportation, on the other hand...

  • Panzerfaust Panzerfaust on Sep 08, 2009

    Ford may ask 'why not?" But I say 'why?'

  • Stuki Stuki on Sep 09, 2009

    They just love coming out with rich boys' toys in the midst of recessions (F1 in '92), don't they? Perhaps it will work better this time.

  • Tosh Tosh on Sep 09, 2009

    Can't even gap a Volvo wagon?