By on August 14, 2009

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35 Comments on “What Wrong with This Picture: Rolls Royce Gives Up the Ghost Edition...”

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    Really, is that going to affect any of our lives?

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    Almost as good as a Mercedes S65 AMG for three times the price. The only cool thing about this car is that the wheel center caps are on ball bearing races so RR logo is always heads up.

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    Robert Schwartz

    No matter how hard they try, BMW cannot get the front end to look good.

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    That is the fugliest front end and dig that cheesy rock music playing in the background. LOL!

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    Will I be able to get mine with a vinyl top?

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    RS: “No matter how hard they try, BMW cannot get the front end to look good.”

    Carving out three rectangles and masking off the grill and hood from paint is trying hard? At least there’s nothing to get bored with.

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    Rolls Royce gave out performance numbers? What is up with that?

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    This video is all fluff… The product director is talking about being isolated from the “hustle and bustle” of the city streets? Did you SEE the streets? Random extras walking, but not another vehicle in sight. Give me a break.

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    You know, it’s not bad. I’ll never get near one in a million years but under BMW’s stewardship RR has become an appealing brand again.

    If I could afford it, I’d give it a drive.

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    For the money, I’d rather go with a restored Spitfire plane. :D

    The comparison doesn’t make sense, but neither does the price tag of the Ghost.

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    I give up. What’s wrong with the picture?

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    This car is damn ugly, what gives? It’s horrendous looking. Who cares about the power, why bother, it’s not majestic, gorgeous, sexy or anything, it looks like a ghettoed Chrysler 300.

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    Wait till they put out the body kits and the stickons for the 300 owners to make their very own ghost.


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    Aren’t you just a little bit jelaous? If I had a hundred million dollars, and money was no object, this is what I would drive.

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    It looks like “King James” bought a Roller and sent it down to Will Castro and the boyz to tighten it up. But where’s the sub and the DVD players in the headrests?

    What’s wrong with this picture is the virtually empty streets that this Maybach doppleganger is running on.

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    Who is that privately-educated, upper-class toffee-nose driver with his quasi-fake ‘Mockney’ intonation?

    This car is an insult to a glorious legacy.

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    I like how the car splashes you, the viewer, with rainwater as it whips by in the final scene. Because of course you can’t.

    Got to keep the punters in their place.

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    I like the look of the car. It’s encouraging to see Rolls sticking with the upright square grill in the face of everyone else going rounded and sleek. This wouldn’t be my car of choice in this segment though.

    If I ever found myself suddenly wealthy a Bentley Brooklands, dark green with chocolate brown leather and dark wood interior, will be sitting in my driveway post haste.

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    “If this car had a monocle, it would fall out”

    As soon as the rock-y music started playing I knew something was amiss.

    PS those ball-bearing logos on the wheels have a slight flaw – when coming to a stop, they wobble back and forth for quite some time. You see them stop in downtown traffic with the logos rolling back and forth like googly-eyes.

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    Ja, so this “product manager” is all of, what, 32 years old?


    Whatever happened to the “seasoned veterans” running the show? Is he selling a Kia or a Rolls

    What does this say about the hierarchy in the engineering and marketing departments?

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    Please stop comparing this to the 300C.

    It’s an insult to the Chrylser, which is 0.1s quicker naught to 60 in SRT-8 form.

    I will grant that the Rolls probably contains better interior materials.

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    This promo video turns my crank.

    I’d almost buy this, I like the looks better than the Flying Spur or overwrought Phantom. Except I’d cross shop this against the LS600hL and the (*gasp*) Equus.

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    Rolls Royce have just built the definitive version of what a Chinese knock-off of a Rolls Royce should be.

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    WDX 202

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    Unoriginal looking.
    It looks like a Chinese car, Geely.

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    I don’t really like the Phantom. Its obvious RR is building this because the Phantom is too big and too impractical for the self-driven billionaires.

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    “Who is that privately-educated, upper-class toffee-nose driver with his quasi-fake ‘Mockney’ intonation? This car is an insult to a glorious legacy.”

    That’s exactly what I was going to write until I scrolled down and saw that you beat me to it.

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    Johnny Canada

    A glimpse into the future of British and American motoring. The elites and politically connected travel in supreme luxury throughout the city, while the masses auger beneath like chunks in a bitter slurry.

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    I’m impressed that it can be driven from the back seat, as well as the front.

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    “Who is that privately-educated, upper-class toffee-nose driver with his quasi-fake ‘Mockney’ intonation? This car is an insult to a glorious legacy.”

    Indeed, an alleged executive presenting a new model of Rolls Royce and he’s dressed like he’s going to dinner at Applebees. They are aiming low.

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    It seems to have Bentley Continental tail lamps. Odd choice of an urban drive around the Docklands rendering London as downtown Los Angeles.

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    I can’t believe they didn’t fix that butt-ugly front end. If I had all the money in the world to blow on a car, this wouldn’t even be worth a test drive. I like the classic RR front end, and the new Phantom and Ghost do copy elements of it, but the proportions are just wrong. Too big, the headlight slits are too narrow like scowling eyes.

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    Dangerous Dave

    Classic Rolls owners often refer to the Phantom as “a Hummer in a tux” because it is so huge. If you’ve ever driven a Phantom you would know its worthy of requiring trucker’s license. I can see classic Roller drivers choosing the Ghost over the Phantom because of its smaller size. My days of being a classic Rolls driver ended when I got a $7,200 bill for a brake job.

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    who cares what’s wrong with the picture!
    I love the car. Just based on the pictures and the film.
    If I had the money, I ordered one right away.

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    They call this car a different model? Its basically a four door phantom coupe. And again front-end design FAIL.

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