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“Marchionne said he had installed a strong management team at Chrysler, the integration process was under way, and Fiat had already turned over a small-car platform to the Auburn Hills automaker.” That’s one small step for a platform, one giant leap for mankind.

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23 Comments on “Quote of the Day: Fiat Chief: ‘Chrysler will be profitable’...”

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    Edward Niedermeyer

    Euro car execs typically have clauses in their contracts that require them to wreck a hot car every year.

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    Marchionne is smoking crack…

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    @Edward Niedermeyer
    Pfft, I’ll be impressed if he attains Berlusconi levels and wrecks several hot women every month.

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    If you’re going to wreck an exotic, at least make sure it’s from your own company. I can respect that.

    So Fiat have transferred the 500 to Chrysler. Is that all?

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    Go get ’em, Sarge!

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    “Chrysler will be profitable.” Not if the UAW has anything to do with it.

    The Germans couldn’t make anything out of Chyrsler, now the Italians. Who’s next?

    Then again, maybe Marchionne has a bit of Sicillian blood in him, he might be able to make the unions an offer they can’t refuse.

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    Well, I’m not sure what else we would have expected him to say.

    “I’m going to run Chrysler (further) into the ground!”

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    Samuel L. Bronkowitz

    Sometimes better to remain silent…

    It’s not like this deal had a lot of credibility anyway. Statements like that just make it worse.

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    Not if the UAW has anything to do with it.

    Heh, simple. Shift more production to Mexico at $3.25 an hour.

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    Geo. Levecque

    I guess that the new CEO has to say something positive, but in reality I don’t see it happening in my lifetime, it would have been better if Chrysler had been left to die an hourable death! But I suspect your new President would not let this happen, in any report one reads on many blogs of quality and making Money the FIAT group in Europe has continued to lose Money hand over fist! and so it goes eh?

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    ‘Chrysler will be profitable’


    That is funny. Well maybe not to American Taxpayers.

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    It has more credibility from Sergio than it would from Fritz.

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    I imagine that if the government wasn’t involved, Fiat would have just bought out Chrysler.

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    Anna Mac

    Panzer and Cavanaugh, exactly.

    One can’t stand by and watch the Jeep Wrangler cease production. Say what you want, those vehicles are part of the U. S. DNA. When they were in the hands of the Germans, I kept wondering what General Patton would have to say about the situation. Now it’s the Italians and suspect the general would remain appalled.

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    Wake me up when Alfas hit the showrooms.

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    Chrysler is so cool. First we get the Germans to transfer billions towards the UAW; now the Italians. Probably next are the Chinese, then the Indians..
    A couple more enterprises like this and no American needs to work anymore, and we will all live on money from foreigners we tricked…!

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    @RF – I noticed that you put the “a” in there. I don’t know that I buy Mr. Armstrong’s assertions after the fact.

    Wikipedia: Neil Armstrong

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    @panzerfaust: “The Germans couldn’t make anything out of Chyrsler, now the Italians. Who’s next?”

    You and many others have forgotten about the French, who owned AMC (the former parent of Jeep) during the 1980s.

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    “Wake me up when Alfas hit the showrooms.”

    Ditto here. Same old UAW will never change – that they own more-than-half of Chrysler just means we’ll be hearing more about UAW foibles.

    Either the Italians bring product, or they do not.

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    Marchionne will be lucky if his audacious/megalomaniacal attempt to make Fiatsler work doesn’t end up looking like that Ferrari..

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    Fiat’s done for, Daimler proved that the Jeep Curse is alive and well.

    Chrysler must just be the zombie carrier for this infectious disease. :P

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    Sentence completion:
    “Chrysler will be profitable….”

    a)”by the time I put down this chainsaw.”
    b)”even if I have to lay off every American employee and import the cars from Europe, Mexico, or South America”
    c)”when you add in the fat subsidies from the government”

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