Data Dive: GM's Incentives Are NUTS

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Click here for a pdf of GM’s latest incentive programs. To give you an idea of how complicated this company’s pricing has become, note that the company providing the information, AIS rebates, is an independent third party. They make a good part of their living interpreting the GM FUD for the bankrupt automaker’s dealers. Huh.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Lee Lee on Jul 08, 2009

    That's insane. 17 Pages?

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Jul 08, 2009

    This is why manufacturers should go to no-haggle pricing, and eliminate all the nonsense while improving the purchase experience. This is also why I distrust anything called "MSRP" or "Dealer Invoice", because they aren't real. The only 'good' deal on a car is the one you can afford - on a reliable vehicle. Airline tickets seem to be priced the same way - and we see how well they're doing (Southwest excluded)!

  • Allegro con moto-car Allegro con moto-car on Jul 08, 2009

    Get your rebates while you can! '08 BUICK LUCERNE $3,500 '08 PONTIAC G8 $3,000 (GT or not GT? That is the question.) '08 CADILAC ESCALADES $8,500 (all varieties) '08 GMC YUKONS $6,000 (all varieties) The '10s are going to be out soon, or may be out already, but they still got 08's on the lots? allegro

  • 50merc 50merc on Jul 08, 2009

    That PDF is ab-so-lute-ly incredible. And I thought the Internal Revenue Code was bad.