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joemoc1 writes:

Should Hollywood decide to remake of Bullitt, who would play Frank Bullitt, and should they still still use a Mustang? A Bullitt Mustang? And would the bad guys still drive a black Dodge Charger?

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    Good Question:

    although the original was great to watch even a couple of month ago, i think a lot is left to be desired if a remake is in the works.

    the cars for first, although great at their time, should be swapped with today cars that run a similar amount of cult status. maybe yesterday’s Mustang is today’s Camaro. and yesterday’s Charger is an M5? or if you really want to bring it up to date, a hummer H2 with 22s, or 24s. since thugs usually ride really inefficient and stupid cars these days.

    but i say this, The Bullit should ride a (tough one) Blue Prius, and the bad guys a black one… why? since it’s going to be in San Fransisco, the car fits the Eco bill, and since they wanted to ban black paint, a black prius would be perfect for the evil guys.

    although i would go watch it if they use a Mustang and Charger/Challenger all over again.

    Frank Bullit should be played by (Not Brad Pit), Maybe Daniel Graig the James bond dude

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    Daniel Craig would be good (Current James Bond).

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    A Bullitt remake sounds it would be tailor made for Jason Statham. Maybe he wouldn’t be the best choice, but it’s who Hollywood would pick. And I think he would do a good job with it. Daniel Craig would be nice also, but I think Jason has the gritty edge required for the role.

    It wouldn’t make sense to change the hero Mustang, especially since we still have the Bullitt Mustang in semi-production. Ford wouldn’t pass up the chance, nor should they.

    For the villains, it would depend on Ford’s involvement. If they demanded full brand placement (a la GM & hero Transformers), it would be a Lincoln MKS or the new Taurus SHO. If it were left open, I’d say an M5 or a stout Audi would fit the bill.

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    I would put the guy that made Transporter.

    Cars? Ummm… Mustang and a 300C or Challenger, the latter dub edition. An M5 would be a nice touch.

    And now we are talking remakes… what would be Mad Max’s car in a remake?

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    Sammy B

    i would have to go with Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, or Clive Owen. Though ALL of those dudes have accents. I can’t think of an American to fill the role at the moment. Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) might be tolerable, but I don’t really like that idea. Still doesn’t seem tough enough.

    As for the cars, I’d be perfectly alright with a Bullitt Mustang and black Charger….just as long as they’re NOT all “blinged” out. They need to retain the understated/sleeper look.

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    @ronman: funny post.

    I think Christian Bale is the modern actor who acts the most like Steve McQueen, and he’d be a good fit.
    As for the cars? Porsche vs. Corvette or STI vs Evo. Those are today’s rivalries.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Holy shit, what a question. When was the last time Hollywood re-made a movie without screwing it? OK, 2002’s Quiet American was better than 1958’s, but otherwise, it’s just a factory spewing out charmless mass-market garbage.

    They’d probably say the original version has too much quiet flatfooting and not enough violence. Make it more accessable for 14 year olds, yeah. In that case, they’d probably let Michael Bay direct it and put lots of Mustangs in it. Or vehicles of whichever car company pays most. But who could write a score like Lalo Schiffrin?

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    Marky Mark, G8 vs. 300 SRT? Though I would prefer evo vs. sti despite the 2 Fast association.

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    If I were filming Bullitt… I’d make sure Ford was not sponsoring the movie. I’m sick and tired of seeing incredible levels of product placement in summer blockbusters. We’ve had VAG in Ironman… though they managed to sneak some Fords in… GM in Transformers… even more ridiculously so in TF2… Ford in just about anything… when I saw “War of the Worlds”, the scene with the first tripod coming out of the ground made me laugh out loud in the theater. Alone. I suppose I was the only one who noticed every single car on the street was an old Mazda!

    Bullitt would be driving a Mustang. An old one. Not a 60’s Mustang or a brand-new one, but likely a previous-generation SVT Cobra… something a cop might actually drive on a cop’s salary.

    The bad guys would, on the other hand, be driving a brand-new black Charger. It’s the perfect bad-guy car.

    And here’s where the Ford marketing crap kicks in… the bad guys run Bullitt off the road, leave him for dead… and after a few months in the hospital, he comes back out, looking for revenge. His department hands him the keys to a police-spec Ford Taurus SHO (don’t even ask), and he has it out with them in a car chase to end all car chases… ending with the Charger going up in a ball of flame reflected against the Ford logo on the grille in the foreground.

    Oh… and for Bullitt? Damon and Bale are too pretty and Stratham isn’t that good an actor (though he genuinely seems to love cars).

    Daniel Craig and Clive Owen both seem born for the part… Both serious actors… both have that rough kind of look that can only come of being beaten up with rusty pipes when they were kids. Perfect. I’d lean towards Owen.. though Craig looks more like McQueen, Owen isn’t as overtly “Brit” as 007.

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    Brad Pitt is the only reasonable choice. And why not hook up with old girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, in Jacqueline Bissets role? James Gandolfini as grumpy Captain Bennet, Anthony Hopkins or Ben Kinsgley as sleazeball Chalmers, and Christian Bale as Ross. But who should be Bullitts sidekick, Delgetti? As for director, I would go with David Fincher, or perhaps the Wachowski brothers.

    As for cars, Bullitts car should of course be a Ford Mustang, Bullitt Edition. For the criminals, a matt black E34 BMW M5, or a likewise matt black and dusty Mercury Marauder. As long as the Mustang loses five hubcaps on the front right, and meets the same Volkswagen (New) Beetle in three different intersections, I’m happy.

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    While I don’t like remakes, Clive Owen seems interesting. Damien Lewis (whom I remember from Band of Brothers) is also a choice.

    Now, Vanishing Point…

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    montgomery burns

    Oh for all that is holy on earth and in the universe, please make this not happen.

    Half the budget will get wacked for CGI, cars bouncing off of buildings, flying over one another and ridiculous chase sequences.
    A good portion of the rest will go to pay the “stars”. And lastly the story will be slapped together at the last minute when they realize that they need some dialog for the actors to say.

    There is no star around today cool enough to pull off McQueen’s part and the movie would be way over-produced and therefore forgettable. Ugh.

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    I still like the idea of a Mustang vs. Charger, but the Bullet version wouldn’t do it. GT500 vs. SRT8.

    As for McQueen’s arguably most famous role, Jason Statham has similar “coolness’ if a little campy. For a twist, Angelina Jolie could pull it off.

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    Please Hollywood, leave this classic alone!

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    I hope they don’t make another “Bullitt”, Hollywood has managed to wreck too many classics in their “remakes”.

    However, if the studio execs insist on it, then they’ll have to spare no expense and resurrect John Frankenheimer to direct it – anyone else will just wreck the movie because Hollywood can’t seem to get beyond the current crop of crappy producers and directors like Michael Bay.

    As for McQueen’s double, the previous suggestions of Marky Mark…I mean Mark Wahlberg :-) or Clive Owen would fit the bill nicely.

    But please Hollywood, leave well enough alone – and the same goes for “Grand Prix” and “Le Mans”, don’t even think about remaking those classics.

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    Prius vs. Insight!!! And stay away from the big stars. Maybe cast Ed Begley Jr and the guy from the Jetta TDI commercial (“what does your car sound like?” “hhhhhhhhh”)

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    Am I crazy to think Hugh Laurie from House?

    And his car has just got to be a Mustang. The Bullitt version is obviously a good choice, but of course they’d have to make sure to eliminate all of the Bullitt logos. Just for nostalgia, the bad guys need to have a Charger in black.

    That said, I’m not really in favor of a remake of this classic. Hollywood just can’t be original with anything anymore. I guess we should keep our eyes open for a new Dirty Harry, or how about Blue Velvet?

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    I swear to Thor that if they ever decide to remake this movie, I will crush the testicles of everyone involved in this movie, from the director, producer, idiot at the studio that greenlit this to the guy that does the craft-services table.

    Hollywood just can’t leave well enough alone and are particularly horrible when it comes to car movies (Gone in 60 Seconds).


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    I don’t see how they could get away from using a Bullitt Mustang for Frank Bullitt’s car, though I agree there are other cars that are more equivalent today to what that Mustang was back then. I could see a 300C or blacked out Charger for the bad guys. I mean they look like something that thugs would drive when they’re running that is.

    My first choice for playing the coolest cop in California would have to be Daniel Craig. He has the right look. He completely revitalized the James Bond franchise. And, if you’ve seen his other work, you know that he is a top notch actor not just a good action star. Clive Owen would be my second choice for his demeanor and acting ability, though he doesn’t quite have “the look” like Daniel Craig. Jason Statham wouldn’t be a bad choice either in my opinion; he’s certainly got the right look. I agree that there are no American actors that fit the bill. Matt Damon is probably acceptable, decent actor with experience in action flics, but to soft looking. Brad Pitt?! No, a thousand times no! not a very good actor and possibly softer looking than Matt Damon. Frank Bullitt was no pretty boy, he was a tough as nails cop who got the job done.

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    1. I hate remakes.
    2. A bullitt movie without a mustang and charger is like knight rider without a trans am.
    3. There are no actors around tbat can replicate the coolness that was Steve mcqueen. He turned a crap movie into a classic. Not even Denzel Washington can do that (although he tried his best in American gangster)

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    I don’t particularly need to see a movies named “bullit”. A movie with the best points of Bullit, and a different more modern idea and modern cars is what I wanna see. I like the Idea of an M5 (or C63) cause its big, fast, responsive, and kinda down to earth and still raw. Clive Owens is cool. Next to the M5 I see a fast, Grimy, raw, engaging, gritty, cool car…..A GT3 may be too small. An S63? Mustang? 300C? GTR? Charger? E63? ISF? CTSV?

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    Leave it well alone – the original is awesome.

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    John R

    I’m with niky on this one.

    For Frank, I would go with a previous generation SVT Mustang, forest green of course, de-badged and with small but noticeable (at least to the automotive intelligensia) tuning modifications.

    For the baddies, I’m sorry, but Chrysis has had it. I would go with either…

    -A G8 GXP with Holden body panels, again de-badged, with flat black paint and subtle tuning modifications.


    -A de-badged G37 coupe, again with subtle tuning modifications, the original Charger was a coupe and the round taillights on the Nissan are very reminiscent of the original Dodge. I believe the original Charger and the G Coupe have the similar mission when it comes to the nature of the product.

    Besides, I’m sick of seeing BMWs being the whip of choice of international criminals.


    Bullit – Liam Neeson. Seen Taken? I rest my case.

    Craig’s good and all, but he is a Brit and there may be some things lost in the translation. I’ve seen him play an American (Invasion) and its serviceable at best, no more. Neeson may be from Ireland(?), but he can play an American pretty damn well. Besides, he’s in the running to play Speilberg’s Lincoln

    Chalmers – Kevin Spacey should sue any studio that doesn’t give him this part.

    Dr. Willard – Chitewel Ejiofor. Seen Redbelt? This guy is a class act

    Delgetti – Aaron Eckhart. I think the character has a dry wit that Eckhart could exploit fairly well

    Stanton – Channing Tatum. He’ll bring in the teeny boppers, plus he’s definitely one I could see play a young cop. If he were 5-6 older, I’d say he audition for Bullit himself.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

    OH! And it’s gotta be directed by Michael Mann or Christopher Nolan (preferably Nolan). I don’t want this movie to be just a remake, but a sort of down to earth re-imagining that they both could do.

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    Frank Bullitt – a tough, smart cop who does things his own way. And he doesn’t talk much.

    I like Jamie Foxx for the part.

    Or Denzel Washington.

    Or Casey Afleck of “Gone Baby, Gone” fame.

    Or Michelle Monaghan from the same movie. Excellent tough private eye babe. If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

    A more conservative but very competent choice would be George Clooney.

    If he were younger, Robert DeNiro.

    A follow-up QOTD, who’s the hit-man driver going to be?

    As for the cars, I really don’t care. It wasn’t the car that made the movie. But Detroit really doesn’t offer anything worthy. Nowadays, Bullitt’s personal wheels would probably be a Bimmer, if he was a closet car nut, or a Honda Civic, if he wasn’t.

    Heck, it is San Francisco… give him a turbocharged-and-then-some Volvo 940.

    The hit men are from out of town; they picked up a rental Impala when they arrived at the airport. Sorry, guys.

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    John R


    Good picks. But you can rent Infinitis from Enterprise, ;)

    The hit men? Max von Sydow for the old guy and Ben Stiller (I’m not joking) for the other guy with glasses.

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    what a grotesque concept: remaking bullit!

    the morons in hollywood should be boiled in motor oil & forced to watch endless reruns of batman (1966) for not having an original braincell between the lot (& for not releasing said ridiculous tv series on dvd but that’s a rant of another colour).

    also, bullit is so politically incorrect for today’s san francisco. you’d have to relocate it to somewhere sleazy, like bangkok (where you couldn’t realistically have a car chase anyway).

    & even a yaris could take mcqueen’s mustang in this day & age …

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    Besides, I’m sick of seeing BMWs being the whip of choice of international criminals.

    If Ford is sponsoring the movie… remember the excrement that was the “Taxi” remake?

    Oh… Liam Neeson… another great actor that slipped through the radar on this one… unfortunately… like Craig… also a bit too Brit’ for this part.

    Is it sad that we can’t think of very many rugged-looking young actors who are both American and white?

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    I say a Mustang vs. a black gangster M5. American audiences would love to see the M5 get stuffed, which Hollywood would let happen. But in reality, if I was being chased I would want the M5.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Coolest actor of the 1940s: Bogart,
    50s: Mitchum,
    60s: McQueen,
    70s: Scheider,
    80s: Pacino,
    90s: Downey,
    00: Bardem,

    which is another reason why Bullitt wouldn’t work nowadays

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    They shouldn’t remake it.

    Brad Pitt’s been rumoured to play Frank Bullitt for a long time.

    They really shouldn’t remake it.

    A 2009 Bullitt Mustang should be chased down by some Mopar muscle but that would sorta look out of place in today’s San Fran.

    They really really shouldn’t remake it.

    BTW, an unmarried police lieutenant should be able to afford a V8 Mustang even today. What with 0% finance, discounts, rebates and whatnot.

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    Mark MacInnis

    What about Thomas Jane (he’s the guy who played Mantle in Billy Chrystal’s “61*”, was the original “Punisher” and is currently in HBO’s “Hung”)….he’s got that brooding quality to make a great Frank Bullitt.

    Now, who would play the role of the slimy fed “Chalmers”, (played in the original by Robert Vaughn?) My vote would be Gary Oldman…

    The hitman has to be Ed Harris…same bald pate, same blue eyes. The driver? Has to be J.K. Simmons (CIA guy in “Burn after Reading”)

    If it was to be an honest remake, they would use a black Charger.

    But, if it was to be a politically correct, watered down remake (as Hollywood usually does these days), Bullitt would be gay, and the bad guys would be driving an Expedition or Escalade, and they would crash into a redwood tree at the end of the car chase,not a gas station…..and the assassins would use a cross-bow rather than a sawed-off, 12-gauge Remington pump shotgun as their weapon of choice.

    I hope they never make a remake of it….they’d be a mortal lock to f*ck it up….

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    Do those Hollywood clowns really think they can make a better Bullitt? I hope they aren’t that stupid. But they probably believe they can make money on the project and that’s all they really care about. Need proof, look at all the remake krap that is out this summer.

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    Daniel Craig is today’s Steve McQueen.
    And Hugh Jackman would make a good Clint Eastwood.
    But I can’t think of a single recent remake that was even remotely as good as the original.

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    @ Mark MacInnis

    I’m ashamed to admit I saw thw movie, but they used a black SRT8 Charger in Street Kings. It worked well. Not well enough to save the movie from Keanu Reeves (whose acting talent was best showcased in ther original Bill & Ted), but it’s still a pretty badass looking whip.

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    Justin Berkowitz

    Infiniti G37 Coupe and (E39) M5 sedan.

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    Such a remake would bound to be a goat rope, so let’s see what we can do.

    Bullitt has to have his Mustang – GT500 would work nicely. The Men in Black have to have a Mopar, while sharp looking the modern Charger isn’t quite right. So a black SRT8 Challenger.

    For actors, if Daniel Craig can hide his accent then he’d make a good Bullitt. If money is no object I’d have Wesley Snipes driving the Challenger (with black driving gloves and doing the seat belt bit) and Brad Pitt as the Race Bannon-like gunman.

    Lindsey Lohan just *has* to be driving the VW Beetle. Oh and what the hell. Have the chase cars cut off Clint Eastwood puttering along in a Buick as a retired Harry Callahan.

    That should just about ruin Bullitt forever.

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    Clive Owen or Daniel Craig.

    Politically thought, Pitt will probably get the part due to campaigning; as Steve is his idol.

    I wonder who currently owns the rights.

    Nolan would be a good choice as director.

    +btw, I think there is a SAG union rule that no product can show its brand in a film unless sponsorship money has been paid.

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    Viggo Mortensen as Bullitt. He should drive a Green Mustang GT, just like the original.
    Bad guy car? I don’t think it matters. Could be a Charger or Challenger. Why not a Range Rover Sport or Merc G55?

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    Simple answer: a remake of Bullitt should NOT be made. Hollywood needs to figure out how to be more creative than to butcher others’ creativity to make up for the lack of their own.

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    Thomas Jane, not a bad idea. By the way, Dolf Lungren made a Punisher movie before the one starring Thomas Jane. While i have not seen the Dolf Lungren version, i can’t imagine that it is better than the Thomas Jane movie. They certainly chose soem good actors as the two primary bad guys, John Travolta and Will Patton (I believe that’s his name) as his right hand man.

    I’ve also liked J.K. Simmons in every movie I’ve seen him in from Spiderman to Juno. He’s a pretty good actor to throw into a supporting role.

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    While I agree Hollywood should have stopped “reimagining” or “rebooting” the classics ages ago, if they absolutely have to remake Bullitt, I’d like to see either Daniel Craig or Jason O’Mara (the latter being very McQueen-ish in appearance) wheeling a dark green New Edge SN-95 Cobra against a black Charger SRT8.

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    re: niky
    And here’s where the Ford marketing crap kicks in… the bad guys run Bullitt off the road, leave him for dead… and after a few months in the hospital, he comes back out, looking for revenge. His department hands him the keys to a police-spec Ford Taurus SHO (don’t even ask), and he has it out with them in a car chase to end all car chases… ending with the Charger going up in a ball of flame reflected against the Ford logo on the grille in the foreground.

    Actually, I’m a little ashamed that I would really like to see that. It also bugs me to see so much product placement in moviedom sometimes (the Ford placements in Quantum of Solace were particularly annoying), but that kind of thing has been going on for a LONG time. Would it make you feel better to see a Bond movie where ol’ 007 suavely drives up to Dr. No in a ’65 VW Beetle? Burt Reynolds picking up the Boniva lady in his ’78 Volare in Smoky and the Bandit (all cars in that one were GMs)? Cars matter and the production company probably gets a discount if they use all the same product brand (which you’d think the savings would somehow go to us, the enduser, but sadly, no)

    Admit it, there were two really great scenes in Transformers. One, Megan Fox sashaying down the road in those teeny cut-offs (later leaning over the hood of Bumblebee) and the Mustang-Camaro chase.

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    Jan Andersson

    The surprise factor made the first Bullit film. Now, it’s gone. Anyone can remember their neck hair raising when the gangster buckles up.

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    Anyone who attempts to remake Bullitt should be squashed like a Lower Eastside cockroach.

    The original movie plot sucked. What made the movie was McQueen, the funky 60’s jazz score, and, of course, the chase.

    Trying to remake this movie is like trying to redo Woodstock. Oh, they tried that back in the 90’s, and it SUCKED.

    Just leave it alone.

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    Since the one and only Bill Hickman died years ago, Forget about the charger driver. Forget the whole remake. Bad idea anyway. If hollywood ever realizes they only cheapen the memories..Oh, its the money, right?

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    Well, I don’t think they should do a remake.

    If they did, nothing wrong with a modern Mustang and Charger.

    For Bullitt, I think an odd, but great choice would be DiCaprio. Mark Wahlberg for the Charger.

    If we really want to modernize, how about DiCaprio in a Tesla, and Daniel Craig in a black 300C. Bad guys have to be burning petrol and good guys gettin’ it done electrically. For the main squeeze maybe Lucy Liu.

    Really, I think Hollywood should be ashamed of so many remakes, and further that so many suck compared to the original despite better effects and budgets to work with. There are lots of great stories waiting to be made into movies for so many pitiful ones to get made. Then again movie goers are to blame partly for accepting such crap so willingly.

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    You are assuming that GM, Fiatser or Ford would have the marketing budget for placement.

    What would happen if VW or Hyundai were the highest bidder?

    BTW I’m not a big fan of 2 hour GM Commercial that is the new transformers movie. To me Bumble Bee will always be a Air Cooled Beetle and Prime KW or Freightliner COE.

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    dolorean23 :
    July 21st, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Admit it, there were two really great scenes in Transformers. One, Megan Fox sashaying down the road in those teeny cut-offs (later leaning over the hood of Bumblebee) and the Mustang-Camaro chase.

    Megan Fox isn’t a Transformer, sadly.

    And her sexy little swagger wasn’t enough to save TF2.

    GM’s placement mania wasn’t as overtly offensive in TF1. (except for the showroom Solstice scene and the unnecessary Camaro “upgrade”)… but in TF2, they were plugging GM cars you couldn’t even buy… ever. That’s PP (product placement) failed.

    Bond will always be driving an Aston Martin. Always. Doesn’t matter who builds it. Of course, I worry a bit when he’s driving a Z3 (awful PP) or a Ford Fiesta (even awfuller… Jason Bourne made do with a classic Mini…).

    The Bourne series is an oddity… movies with chase sequences that are actually appealing to enthusiasts without the obligatory PP.

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    The lead role in the original was the Mustang, but in terms of potential badass actors, I’d say Hugh Jackman, Kurt Russell, Benicio Del Toro, Edward Norton.

    I’m up for any movie with gnarly car chase scenes, so I’d be okay with a remake. It’s not going to supplant the original so what’s the big deal? They should still use a Mustang for the car.

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    Fortunately, today’s Hollywood will never remake a car movie – it’s politically incorrect.

    We have to watch out for the French, though. I can see them cast a young unknown (to us) French actor to play Francois Le Bullitt driving a Citroen and being chased by bad guys in an Audi. But the French would delete the car scenes to add scintillating dialogue.

    Our best hope for a remake is the Australians, with Russell Crowe as Bullitt driving a Holden Commodore, chased across the outback by bad guys in a Toyota Avalon. Even if they add a little Mad Max to it, it won’t be half bad.

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    Leading role: E39S M5

    Supporting cast: …who am I kidding…there is nobody else like Steve McQueen…especially no American actors…maybe it should take place in the UK and either Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler, or Kevin McKidd could play the role…then again, it won’t work without San Francisco either, so just leave it alone…

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    @ niky

    Jason Bourne movies are sponsored by VW, and Chrysler, judging by how many 300m’s there were in dying scenes of the last one. even Clive Owen in Inside Man rides away in a Touareg, but they crash it spectacularly in the Bourne Ultimatum…

    the thing is, as long as PP is not as disgusting as in TF2, or the Z3 in GoldenEye, it’s sort of passable.

    The old Mazdas lining the street in WOTW is hilarious to motor heads, but for the average viewer, it goes by unnoticed, but puting the beat and trax in TF2 is biblicaly wrong on many levels. what pisses me off is that (if you noticed) every other movie has someone using an Apple Laptop with that big glowing Logo in the back.

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    I’ll never forget my first experience of blatant product placement where it distracted me from actually watching the movie: the second Matrix movie where the Escalade is chasing down the CTS and every single car on the busy freeway is a GM product -nasty!

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    whoever said like “Knight Rider without the Tran Am” has hit that delicious irony given the ‘new’ Knight Rider is a Ford Mustang

    what are the chances of a good remake with the new Mustang GT and the new Dodge Charger/Challenger?

    Daniel Craig has the right look. I’m undecided about baddies… there’s been none as good as Alan Rickman for a long time

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    After further thought… How about Dwayne Johson (a/k/a The Rock) as Frank Bullitt? He certainly does at least a workmanlike job as an actor and I think this would play to his strengths.

    Another idea, Ben Browder of Farscape and Stargate SG-1. He could be quite good.

    timjz: “Viggo Mortensen…”

    Not a bad suggestion. I wish I had thought of him. I thought of Sean Bean, I’m thinking of “The Lord of the Rings,” here, but too Irish. As others mentioned, Bullitt should be recognizably American.

    Jan Anderson: “Charger driver… seat belt…”

    Bullitt buckeled up first. After a stop, I think it was to make a phone call, Frank Bullitt got into his Mustang, looked thoughtfully at the Charger for a moment and buckled up. That’s when we started expecting action.

    Overall, yeah, I think Hollywood would wreck it. But, looking back at the suggestions, I think we’ve got several good Americans who could play the part well and a couple of good ideas for baddies. Hollywood could do worse.

    And the chase scene is what the car guys remember but it was also a pretty good detective story.

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    Please, dear Lord no.
    I’ve watched Bullit dozens of times and still don’t know what the plot is, and don’t care; its about Steve McQueen, the king of cool driving a cool car in a wild chase scene.
    Over the years it has also become a period-piece slice of a not so long ago bygone America we will never get back. Its like watching an old super-8 movie of a family event you’d forgotten about, and realize what treasures you really had then.
    Watch how people can walk in and around a major airport in a pre-hijacking, pre-terrorism era. Look at the police station without a single computer in sight. No one chattering on cell phones.
    There is no way you can re-make this piece. I wish they wouldn’t try. Rather La la land, look for something original-its called creativity remember?

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    If it was really going to be remade, and I think that’s a BAD idea, I think the cars should be the same, just newer versions. They can’t looked pimped out. The 2009 Bullitt Mustang would do, and then a stock body kit SRT8/

    Mark Wahlberg would do OK as Bullitt, but Clive Owen would be my choice, accent or no.

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    None of the actors mentioned are Steve enough. Believe it or not, Wentworth Miller could probably pull it off. But the movie would ultimately look more like Fast and Furious than Ronin given current Hollywood values, and that would just be wrong. Maybe if Tarantino took it on it would be something worth seeing. I can’t see anyone else doing anything worthwhile with it, though. A “faithful” remake just wouldn’t work. The Steve-ness of it would have to be re-imagined somehow.

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  • Lie2me: You’re a GM Doraville guy, Redapple? Years ago I used to engineer and supply GM Doraville with heating...
  • 28-Cars-Later: Auto Nation: All your cash are belong to us.
  • 28-Cars-Later: -Could- you possibly tell me where Poison Ivy is hanging out these days?
  • Jeff S: Jackson and Perkins many years ago even named a variety of roses Chrysler Imperial. Imperial was once a name...
  • Jeff S: 40 mpg is good for any truck even if it is based on an Escape. A truck is not as aerodynamic as a car...

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