Ask the Best and Brightest: Who's on First?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Back in 1937, who could have predicted Toyota would replace GM as the world’s largest automaker? Does that make Toyota the new GM? Perhaps. Meanwhile, after today’s sales stats, I reckon Hyundai is the new Ford. GM’s the new Hyundai. Lexus is the new Buick. Scion is the new Pontiac. Your suggestions below.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Frantz Frantz on Aug 04, 2009

    How the %$^# is Chrysler the new AMC? Aside from owning the rights to AMC what part of Chryslers operations reflects AMC history? Up until half way though this decade Chrysler was still using an AMC motor in their Jeeps which AMC initaly started in the 60s, and its one of the few chrysler products people have confidence in. AMC wasn't popular, but they were better quality than what chrysler has become. The LH Chryslers that people remember fondly were based on AMC design too. Jeep was made "pop" during the AMC years and continues to be the shinning hope of Chrysler. You could almost say Chrysler survived this long because they bought AMC rather than to say they have become what AMC was, unless you just mean out of business.

  • Steve Green Steve Green on Aug 04, 2009

    Subaru is the new Volvo, judging by the drivers.

  • Bunter1 Bunter1 on Aug 04, 2009

    "GM will never be Hyundai". True. Hyundia's reliability is now better than GM's has ever been and improving. With the FedGov sapping any reason to be competitive GM's reliability, already sub par onthe average, will death spiral. I agree that Toyota will never be GM. As someone noted above they fix their problems. I also agree that Honda is Honda. They will be fine. Bunter

  • Ohsnapback Ohsnapback on Aug 05, 2009

    GM is the new Walrus. Lennon received a letter from a pupil at Quarry Bank Grammar School, which he had attended. The writer mentioned that the English master was making his class analyse Beatles lyrics. (Lennon wrote an answer, dated September 1, 1967, which was auctioned by Christie's of London in 1992.) Lennon, amused that a teacher was putting so much effort into understanding The Beatles' lyrics, wrote the most confusing lyrics he could. Lennon's friend and former fellow member of The Quarrymen, Peter Shotton, was visiting, and Lennon asked Shotton about a playground nursery rhyme they sang as children. Shotton remembered: "Yellow matter custard, green slop pie, All mixed together with a dead dog's eye, Slap it on a butty, ten foot thick, Then wash it all down with a cup of cold sick".[4] Lennon borrowed a couple of words, added the three unfinished ideas and the result was "I Am the Walrus". The Beatles' official biographer Hunter Davies was present while the song was being written and wrote an account in his 1968 book on the band. coo coo kachoo