New York Launches "Made In America" Hybrid Nissan Police Fleet

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
new york launches made in america hybrid nissan police fleet

Newsday reports that New York City has purchased 40 Nissan Altima Hybrids for its police fleet. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg pointed out that the Smyrna, TN-built Altimas enjoy a patriotic advantage over the Canadian-produced Crown Victorias and Chevy Impalas that comprise most of the NYPD’s fleet of 2,400 patrol vehicles. “It is an added benefit that buying these cars helps create jobs in America,” says Bloomberg. According to the report, some traffic enforcement agents have been using Toyota Prius hybrids since 2002, and police duty captains, who respond to major incidents, have already been using GMC Yukon sport utility vehicle hybrids. “We’ve had no downside,” says Police Commissioner Ray Kelly of his force’s hybrid use.

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  • Safe as milk Safe as milk on May 02, 2009

    nyc made a long term commitment to hybrids several years back. the nypd is one of the last city agencies to use them. the dept. of environment protection has been using the prius since day one. they still have many 1st generation models in everyday use. probably 20% of all taxis are hybrid. hybrid's make a lot sense in a city like new york that doesn't meet federal air quality standards. also, these cars do a lot of idling so the gas mileage improvement is a significant savings. i'm surprised the nypd didn't go for the ford escape hybrid. seems like a better match to me. i admit i was surprised that the city seems to have absolutely no difficulty maintaining these vehicles. they also run fleets of natural gas converted cars including many 2nd generation tauri that are still in daily use. nyc does not just lease and toss cars after five years. all the city vehicles that i see are run into the ground. they have many 10 yr. old + cars parked in my neighborhood. and let's not forget the hybrid buses:

  • Geotpf Geotpf on May 02, 2009

    My understanding is that the Prius easily handles taxi duty, which is similar to police duty (same default car as well, the Crown Vic). I doubt they will have any problems with these.

  • Patrickj Patrickj on May 03, 2009

    @Robert Schwartz Nothing outruns a Motorola.