Glenn Beck Gums GM CEO Fritz Henderson to Death, Part 2

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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  • Ohsnapback Ohsnapback on May 16, 2009
    shaker : May 16th, 2009 at 8:16 am Glenn Beck is a preacher, pure and simple. His crocodile tears shed over the decline of the USA into “socialism” have all of the passion of Jimmy Swaggert/Benny Hinn/Jim Bakker… And no sincerity whatsoever; he needs viewers like preachers need donations. And if he doesn’t get them, Fox will find another nut-job that will. The real enigma is Murdock - his Fox Network offers some pretty edgy entertainment that regularly walks the tightrope of good taste, and is even self-deprecating at times (Simpsons), tongue-in-cheek anti-Americanism (American Dad), and downright poor taste (Family Guy) — yet his news organizations take the super-conservative tack. If you think about it, however, playing both sides of the fence is not only smart, but manipulative in the most sarcastic way. Contribute to society’s decline, and decry it at the same time. Oh, and make money all the time while the rabble bonk each other over the head with political baseball bats. Heh. Wow. Post of the year. Honestly. You succinctly and eloquently stated everything I've wanted to say as succinctly and eloquently - and the kicker is you are 100% correct. I should use your quote as my signature on every forum I frequent.
  • Ttacgreg Ttacgreg on May 16, 2009

    The whole telvision business is such a preposterous thing. A quick Google search indicates that at most, Mr. O'Reily gets 4 million viewers. Let see, that is 1.3% of the poplulation of our nation. Of those 4 million how many are true believers? This puts some perspective on the bragging rights of media blow hards who want us to believe that their world is ours. If Mr Limbaugh gets 20 million listeners that is still only 6.6% of the USA poplulation. Granted that there is a rotating attendance so to speak, so the total number of poeple exposed is greater. The point is it is quite likely these people think they exert far more influence than they do. They are far more inside a self re-enforcing echo chamber than they either admit to or actually believe. My television has been cold and dark for years now. The mainstream TV culture is sick, commercialistic brainwashing. I refuse to participate.

  • Ttacgreg Ttacgreg on May 16, 2009

    Shaker's commentary tangentially supports my view that buying into the "Liberal vs Conservative" story line is laying the cornerstone in the foundation upon which a person's brainwashing is built.

  • U mad scientist U mad scientist on May 16, 2009
    commentary tangentially supports my view that buying into the “Liberal vs Conservative” story line is laying the cornerstone in the foundation upon which a person’s brainwashing is built. It's the prereq for building a political base. Traditionalist are generally the instigators of wedge issues (the line in the sand), tho everyone pretty much plays them subsequently. But the real tragedy is that separate from this is still objective reality, and brushing aside the distractions, one side's ideology is still backwards and destructive towards modern society.