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Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac a labor of love

This time last year, TTAC was paying its writers $25 per blog item and $200 per editorial/review. Compared to “real” websites, it was a pittance. In absolute terms, we were spending some $14k per month feeding the beast. When the ad money started to dry up, I was forced to reduce payments to $5 and $50. Now that money’s too tight to mention, our total editorial budget is zero. Nada. Niente. Aside from and including my work as a salaryman, all the content that you read here is a labor of love. It’s important for you to know because A) Respect to all our contributors, who’ve agreed to carry on because they love writing and believe in this site’s mission and B) Our writers and commentators are, once again, on equal footing. Yes. I realize that you, our Best and Brightest, add value to this site without financial compensation. So I want to formally express my eternal thanks to both writers and commentators for putting food on my table– especially during these dark days for the industry we love. I promise to reinstate our editorial budget as soon as possible. Someday, TTAC will pay top dollar for top talent. Until then, props to all of those who use this website to tell the truth about cars.

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  • on Mar 16, 2009

    Raskolinikov, Thanks for the link. A perfect example of why the only car forum I frequent anymore is TTAC, and why we need to keep TTAC going. The childish antics and boorish behavior that is allowed on other sites is just too much. There's only one other site on the web that I would recommend,, and that's because they have an editorial policy similar to TTAC's, basically, keep it civil or find a new place to spread your childish hatred. It's kind of sad or even comical that these people can't step back and look at what they are saying. This site provides the truth. While I don't always agree witht he commenters, the articles always lay out the facts, and unlike most forums, there is never any doubt in my mind where the facts end and the editorial content begins.

  • JuniorMint JuniorMint on Mar 16, 2009

    Wow, MotorTrend's TTAC DW thread sure is something! Goll-eey. I haven't seen such an extensive collection of Angry / Stupid since the WhatWouldJesusDrive forums! Who needs additional content? I'll subscribe just to spite these lunkheads, since they're probably the same bunch of twits trying to race me at the stoplight in front of AutoZone. I don't mind having to pay to combat stupidity. In fact, I'm thrilled at the idea!

  • LALoser LALoser on Mar 16, 2009

    Just visited the MT link. It is nothing more than immature people sitting in Moms basement writing out of boredom from being lonely. I have been edited and warned by RF because I stated too strongly my feelings about him being too anti-Detroit, but it is his site, and we have freedom of speech and association in the US. Some of us served in the military to guarantee that. I still do not agree with RF on some points, but you have to give credit, he has not changed stripes. So....How about the shares idea I floated earlier? If this site is to survive it must do something to effect change and not fall into the same trap as auto makers themselves. A clear forward plan must be made and followed....this from a project manager...

  • Accs Accs on Mar 16, 2009

    Hmmm Ya know... Far be it for me to speak the truth.. As Mr. Farago does often. But TTAC is a pretty knowledgeable site, with a dozen people actually writing articles for TTAC that are informative, interesting and challenging mentally.. far from the slop thats put together over at M.T. As for being anti-Detroit... Mr Farago has been touting this information for the past 4yrs, before it seemed "cool" to be against the domestics. Then, they were actually doing it to themselves, where as now, the media is just stirring the cold gruel soup. Anti-detroit. Last time I checked.. The Accord for 09 didnt get such a great / glowing review. But I dont come on here for glowing remarks about a car that gained weight and dumped hoon-ability. Ya come on here for the truth.. Screw all else and how it appears. Like a child who mis-behaves.. He does need a good smack on the ass to right him. Just going into time out.. just doesnt work. P.C or not. *Laughs* Mr Farago, you can bend me over your knee and smack my ass.. anytime. P.S. I do want to know how the new / current Mazda 3 hatch does in a review... This is what TTAC is all about. Dont like it.. TOUGH!