BaoYa Takes A Bow

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
baoya takes a bow

Gasgoo reports that China’s Jinan (Shandong) BaoYa are seeing US demand for its electric cars jump dramatically. BaoYa sold 500 of its electric sedans last year, and despite a weak export market, this year’s US-market orders have already topped 4,800. BaoYa sedans are Zap Xebra-like Low Speed Vehicles, with a top speed capability of 50 mph (limited to 25mph in the US) and a range of about 90 miles on a 5-8 hour charge. We’re not entirely sure that the factory and production of BaoYa vehicles documented by Repubblica here is the same Jinan-based plant of Shandong BaoYa, but there’s little doubt that the nearly 5k BaoYas sold in the US were built in similar conditions. So Americans could gaze pityingly at their neighbors’ carbon emitting planet destroyers. Savor the irony.

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  • Cicero Cicero on Mar 02, 2009

    With a ShamWow interior option, they could call it the BaoWow. Sorry.

  • Ole Stang Ole Stang on Mar 02, 2009

    Where do I put my golf clubs?

  • Ronman Ronman on Mar 03, 2009

    What's up with China and imitating everything on wheels. this looks like the Smart's ugly cousin with pimples all around. 1.3 billion people and they still can't find someone who knows how to draw from nothing....

  • Ponchoman49 Ponchoman49 on Mar 03, 2009

    Pontiac called. They want there grille back.