By on February 26, 2009

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21 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: We’re Here To Collect The Bailout Edition...”

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    Who put the thong on that HHR?

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    “No cop motor, no 440-cubic-inch plant; no cop tires, no cop suspension or cop shocks. It’s a model made after ethanol pork-barreling so it’ll run good on E85. What do you say — is it ‘meh’ or what?”

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    A) Horrific tailoring (pants).

    B) Jacket is too small (note X-type pulls).

    C) He buttoned the lowest suit button!

    The “graphics” package on the ride is … you know.

    BTW – Shouldn’t that Chevy logo read “Heartbeat of America”? The word in white typeface looks more like “A – – bre”.

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    Stein X Leikanger

    “I’m easy to spot. I’ll be wearing a red carnation.”

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    The spats say ’20’s. Everything else, car included, is too new.

    That case probably won’t work for anything better than a .38 snubbie, so why bother? A serious piece needs a serious case.

    And the car is just… wrong. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen an uglier paint job. The synthesis of the first post and SexCPotatoes comments is: some people just should never wear a thong. Apparently, neither should some cars.

    Although I didn’t like the look of it, per se, I had to admire the PT Cruiser… it did evoke memories of cars of the ’30’s. One glance and you knew what it was all about. It was a good idea, done fairly well, and Chrysler deserved some congratulations.

    The HHR is a pitiful “me, too” concept done as a ripoff of a vehicle that people wouldn’t bother to remember. As a bonus, it’s ugly.

    And, finally, nothing says “clueless” like an expensive paint job on a cheap car. For the money spent, the owner could have gotten a good car.

    It’s like those, “customize your 300” ads Chrysler was running a while back. If you can afford to do that, why not just buy a Lexus?

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      I’ve owned Mercedes lexus and others they’re money Pitts constantly spending hoping thinking mechanics got it. Now got HHR amazingly way better on gas and looks way better than the benz lex and a bunch of other cars out there with no design no creativity or wisdom to go Retro like Camaro charger challenger Mustang etc. These are the collectibles not the uglier toyota benz lex rarely get collected.

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    The “Heartbeat of America” campaign flatlined was retired fifteen years ago?

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    I travel a lot for work and drive a lot of rental cars (Hello Avis!).

    I had a HHR from the lot at LAX last summer. It actually made me angry the more I drove it. Really.

    FYI to all the B&B in SoCal. Don’t buy any used silver 2008 HHR’s. There could be something wrong with the car….

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    Thongs aren’t that wide. That’s a diaper.

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    nuthin’ says gangsta like a wanna be PT Loser, god GM can’t even choose a good car to copy. no wonder they toast!

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    Once again, they only got it half right. Handle bars on the roof; check. Running boards; fail.

    Proper gangster cars need running boards for your posse to stand on while run’n and gun’n.

    They should also advertise “finger print resistance steering wheel” and “rear windows lower for a full 21 gun broadside!”

    Increase the gangster marketing effort by putting it in a few gangster videos and you have yourself the next escalade.

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    The mid-rear windows probably don’t go down all the way down and the rear windows don’t go down at all – can’t get the tommy guns out of ’em.

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    You need a ‘shitbox Dodge’ if you are on a ‘Mission from God.’ A Chevrolet just doesn’t work.

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    no lighter to fix.

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    Increase the gangster marketing effort by putting it in a few gangster videos and you have yourself the next escalade.

    You know, it never even occurred to my white a** that the HHR could have had enormous gansta appeal. Yet another case of a missed opportunity and haphazard marketing from the General.

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    toadroller :
    no lighter to fix.

    The new Oldsmobiles aren’t in early this year.

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    @Axl & ivyinvestor

    It says “Heartbeat Motors,” whatever that is.

    Does this mean that an HHR SS Turbo review is forthcoming?

    I might trade a microphone for one if it gets enough stars.

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    Usta Bee

    Chevy’s tagline SHOULD be “The Heartbreak Of America !”.

    As far as that HHR looking “gangsta”….it looks more like something a 60 year old guy and his…um…”male companion” would take out antiquing.

    Real gangstas these days use either electric cars, or plug in hybrids, that way you can sneak up on people easier when doing drive-bys.

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    I apologize, but I kinda like the paint,,,,, if only it were RWD, it would be really cool. And that is what’s wrong.

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    i shop at big men’s bathing supplies and can get/have that size.
    but never in white!
    white makes me look…big.

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    Are they aiming for the “spatz wearing musician” demographic, or the “conceal a weapon with style” demographic?

    ‘Cause I gotta tell ya, those aren’t going to get you 100k sales. Or even 100 sales.

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