Ford Debuts Redesigned Ford Taurus: "SHO Me The Money"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ford debuts redesigned ford taurus sho me the money

Here’s my problem: the Taurus SHO’s 365hp EcoBoost (born TwinForce) V6 only offers ten more horses than a Lincoln MKT or MKS with the same unit. Quick! Which one of those is based on the Ford Flex? Doesn’t matter, ’cause the Flex is getting this engine too. Unlike the MKT (market?) and MKS (Mark Kay Sucks?), SHO actually stands for something: Super High Output. The Taurus SHO’s ten more ponies does not a legend make, IMHO. Thankfully, FoMoCo’s got some of the best chassis tuners in the world (most of whom spent the last twenty years or so tweaking cookin’ Euro Fords to greatness) to ply their dark arts on this big, bad boy. And when I say big, I also mean heavy. When you’re torquing that much power, the Taurus (born Taurus) needs all of its all wheel-drive to get the twist to where the rubber meets the road (hihowareya?). And now… the magic number is… $37,995. Plus the not quite so optional if you’re at all serious about this Performance Package (price unknown). Forty-grand for a fast Ford Taurus? This thing better SMOKE around corners. We shall see…

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  • Michael Karesh Michael Karesh on Feb 12, 2009

    Richard Chen, I've sat in the new Taurus, and the revised interior feels much tighter than the one in the current car. The reduction feels even larger than the specs suggest. And it was done for styling. Room at the expense of styling didn't move the units.

  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Feb 12, 2009
    I like the Fairlane idea. It already makes the car more exciting, and it’s just an idea in a blog comment. "Fairlane" was the concept that eventually begat the Flex. Wouldn't "Galaxie" (or Falcon) and "Fairlane" be so much cooler than "Taurus" and "Flex"? Ford has good products, but utterly reprehensible marketing.
  • Redapple2 Cadillac and racing. Boy those 2 go together dont they? What a joke. Up there with opening a coffee shop in NYC. EvilGM be clowning. Again.
  • Jbltg Rear bench seat does not match the front buckets. What's up?
  • Theflyersfan The two Louisville truck plants are still operating, but not sure for how much longer. I have a couple of friends who work at a manufacturing company in town that makes cooling systems for the trucks built here. And they are on pins and needles wondering if or when they get the call to not go back to work because there are no trucks being made. That's what drives me up the wall with these strikes. The auto workers still get a minimum amount of pay even while striking, but the massive support staff that builds components, staffs temp workers, runs the logistics, etc, ends up with nothing except the bare hope that the state's crippled unemployment system can help them keep afloat. In a city where shipping (UPS central hub and they almost went on strike on August 1) and heavy manufacturing (GE Appliance Park and the Ford plants) keeps tens of thousands of people employed, plus the support companies, any prolonged shutdown is a total disaster for the city as well. UAW members - you're not getting a 38% raise right away. That just doesn't happen. Start a little lower and end this. And then you can fight the good fight against the corner office staff who make millions for being in meetings all day.
  • Dusterdude The "fire them all" is looking a little less unreasonable the longer the union sticks to the totally ridiculous demands ( or maybe the members should fire theit leadership ! )
  • Thehyundaigarage Yes, Canadian market vehicles have had immobilizers mandated by transport Canada since around 2001.In the US market, some key start Toyotas and Nissans still don’t have immobilizers. The US doesn’t mandate immobilizers or daytime running lights, but they mandate TPMS, yet canada mandates both, but couldn’t care less about TPMS. You’d think we’d have universal standards in North America.