Those Who Forget History, Pt. 2

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
those who forget history pt 2
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  • Nicodemus Nicodemus on Jan 23, 2009

    Wrong car to make the point with. MGF/TF was very successful in the markets in which it was sold. In the UK they outsold the Miata (MX5) by a huge quantity in every one of the 10 years they were sold together. They were in fact sold in north america, just not USA. They were (and still are) an absolute hoot to drive, lovely handling, nice engine and gearbox etc. The engine was facinating in that it employed a system that gave it infinately variable valve timing and duration by means of an elaborate and ingenious inlet arangement that consisted of no less than four concentric camshafts - worked pretty well too. Big problem with the engines were head gaskets which was unrelated to the valvetrain I might add! They were also one of the first with an electric power steering system. They were also very safe too, being four star NCAP rated, with a particularly impressive frontal offset score. Given the success of the MINI, I'm pretty sure with hindsight BMW would have kept the brand for themselves. But then they still have Triumph!

  • Sutski Sutski on Jan 23, 2009

    Whoooa steady there chaps! Nick R: yes I had a 2005 TF160 for 3 years. Great little car. Quickest 0-60 in its class (2 full seconds quicker than the miata) and the best safety rating too. Mid engine, rear wheel drive and full leather spec. I loved it. Slushbox: I live in Switzerland and I can assure you it was a left hand drive. and yes here it was mostly sold through Land Rover dealers, although I got mine direct from an importer and saved about $3000. Detlef: No I don't want to forget my MG days, They have one of the most supported owners clubs in the world. And no, I don't drive a Miata now, I have Nissan 350Z roadster and a Fisker Karma on order. Now if we are talking about this rip off Chinese version....I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, if only nbecfause of the way they raped the Longbridge plant in Birmingham and took all the machining back to China (seriously)

  • No_slushbox No_slushbox on Jan 23, 2009

    I remember a test of an MG F in some continental European magazine and I remember them complaining about how there wasn't a LHD version. If someone has a link to an LHD version I would love to see it.

  • James2550 James2550 on Jan 23, 2009

    The MG-F and later MG-TF were great cars in their day. They looked sporty (if a touch cutesy) and the mid-engined layout gave poised handling. The weak head gasket was an issue across all of Rover's K-series engines (used in several models), but it was a powerful unit. However, for NAC MG to relaunch these now makes little sense. While it still looks pretty good, compared with the latest sports cars this MG is comprehensively outdated.