GM Nearing Commercial Truck Deal With Isuzu

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
gm nearing commercial truck deal with isuzu

The UAW has approved terms of a possible deal that would send GM’s Flint, MI, medium-duty commercial truck business to Isuzu. The deal, though not completed, would keep the assembly line’s UAW workforce building GMC TopKick and Chevrolet Kodiak trucks until 2014. UAW Local 598 Shop Chairman Mark Hawkins tells MLive that a GM-Isuzu deal would be best for workers considering GM’s financial struggles and its desire to shed the commercial truck business. “We got [sic] close to 500 people who work on that product line,” says Hawkins. “This keeps that work in Flint for the next six years.” GM had previously planned to sell the business to Navistar, which would have moved production to its Springfield, OH, plant. According to UAW officials, the Navistar deal fell through because GM no longer wanted to move ahead with production of a super-heavy-duty pickup product at Flint Truck. GM is currently “assessing various strategic options for the business” saying, “no decisions have been reached and there are no details to share at this time.” While UAW members are sweating out news about the future of their jobs, may I suggest they take a moment to reflect on how much worse things could be?

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  • T-truck T-truck on Jan 30, 2009

    So will the next presidential limo be build on an Isuzu platform?

  • Jerry weber Jerry weber on Jan 31, 2009

    The company that once made locomotives, earth movers, refrigerators, busses and many other things is now down to cars and light trucks. We know they can't sell off much more.

  • John Horner John Horner on Jan 31, 2009

    How the mighty have fallen.