Audi RS5. Would a Supercharged Six Sound So Sweet?

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  • Detlef Detlef on Jan 19, 2009

    noreserve: Fair enough. The way you were piling on with ARacer the "raspy little Japanese four-banger" stuff seemed right out of the redneck handbook, particularly when you started talking about "the legendary Harley sound." I suspect that if one were to graph out the predilections of Harley riders and kids in the tuner crowd, the point of intersection would be proclivity toward obnoxious exhaust systems backing up poorly tuned engines.

  • Noreserve Noreserve on Jan 19, 2009
    detlef: Perhaps I was too harsh with the comment. I did go and listen to a couple of online clips of stock and aftermarket WRX exhaust. They did have a raspy sound that didn't please my ears. I will also agree that a lot of Harleys are simply too loud. Stock, they are ridiculously muted - two-wheeled sewing machine anyone? However, some take the aftermarket pipes too far and are also poorly tuned. There is always a guy in the group with pipes you simply don't want to ride behind because of it. Just like the ridiculous fart pipes that always make me wonder how the guys think that they actually sound good in some way. I always want to ask them, even though sound is subjective, just what the hell they're thinking. I think one thing to note is that most discussions of engine/exhaust sound centers on how it sounds to those outside the car. I've always found this odd, as you are really only rarely going to hear it this way. It's how it sounds inside that counts. This was never more clear to me than with the Vette where 9/10 discussions and sound clips were focused on the sound outside the vehicle. Wonder what that RS5 sounds like from the inside.

  • Davekaybsc Davekaybsc on Jan 20, 2009

    The new RS4 and RS5 are going to be murdering AMG Benzes and BMW Ms left and right.

  • Treadhead Treadhead on Jan 20, 2009

    noreserve Yea, what he said..........