Tesla Death Watch 40: A Million Here, A Million There…

John Horner
by John Horner
Saturday’s San Jose Mercury News carried a short piece on the swift conclusion of the Tesla v. Fisker arbitration hearings. “Tesla had alleged that Fisker stole trade secrets to create his Fisker Karma while working under contract to design a car for Tesla.”Somehow the notion that a bunch of automotive neophytes were generating significant trade secrets and that said secrets were whisked out the back door by industry veteran Fisker never did smell right. Sure enough, “retired Judge William McDonald found in November that Tesla’s case was ‘baseless.'” Tesla says it will pay up, someday. Not that Fisker needs the cash. In September, Fisker closed a $65 million investment round led by the Qatar Investment Authority on top of two previous Kleiner-Perkins led venture investment rounds.
John Horner
John Horner

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  • Droid800 Droid800 on Dec 09, 2008

    Not from Tesla. I'd wager real customers get a Dodge EV sooner than the vaporware Tesla.

  • Vega Vega on Dec 09, 2008

    Droid800: Don't be so gullible. From the link you provided: "Chrysler's been busy adding Dodge-specific styling elements to the Lotus Europa bodyshell that was used for the EV concept" So in spite of Cerberus-ordered heavy cutbacks in R&D spending some weeks ago Chrysler desperately needed to come up with eco-stuff in order to push for government money. And by pure concidence, their project is an electrified Lotus Europa. Can you name another company that has based their EV on a Lotus product? I'm willing to bet big bucks that Chrysler has bought the battery technology and drivetrain from Tesla. While I agree that Tesla is going the way of the Dodo, the carbon-copy "Dodge EV" will meet the same fate.

  • Pk1 Pk1 on Dec 09, 2008

    Tesla should get a good chunk of the government bailout money. They are the only ones who are totally committed to technologies that will increase their competitiveness in the future rather than just using it to fill holes.

  • Dutchchris Dutchchris on Dec 09, 2008

    Droid800: Lotus Europe electric conversions are a dime a dozen. Here is the offering of some Dutch firm:(look under "de modellen") http://www.ececars.nl/ It's likely that Chrysler bought it's "Dodge EV" ready made from some boutique car company/conversion firm in a desperate effort to have something to show congress in the present beg-a-ton.