Housekeeping! TTAC Knocking On 1m Unique Visitors Per Month

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
housekeeping ttac knocking on 1m unique visitors per month

Misery loves this company. When the bailout was announced, when TTAC unveiled its Ten Worst Autos for 2008, the website got a nice little lift. As is the way of things here, our traffic had plateaued for the last couple of weeks (albeit at a gratifying 32kish unique visitors per day). The two posts helped boost TTAC traffic to 940,481 uniques per month (upm). Although the holiday will take us back down a bit, it’s the first time we’ve been within spitting distance of 1m upm. At the same time, we’ve maintained our “stickiness;” the average TTAC visitor hangs around for 4:12. And while I’m trotting-out our Google Analytica, that same average visitor clicks on 3.82 pages; he/she and his/her brethren racked-up 3,595,809 pages this month. OK, that’s that. At the same time, we’ve taken on board your suggestions for improving content. We’ve stopped bashing other websites, sold our trademark “Or not” to Autoblog, eschewed T&A and shit-canned the “TTAC Called It” breast beating. We’ve added more [non-financial] automotive flava. By the new year, daily podcasts will return. To improve loading times (a source of reader irritation) and (frankly) increase our page views, we’re going to cut our home page down to ten items. Meanwhile, I’d like to thank you all– writers and readers alike– for taking TTAC from zero to 940,481 in six years. If you have any more suggestions for improvement, please leave them below. While our dedication to telling the truth about cars is non-negotiable, we’re always open to new and better ways to realize our mission.

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  • Tcwarnke Tcwarnke on Dec 21, 2008

    I agree with less T&A...I also view the site from work and don't want to have to worry about what pictures are going to be on the screen

  • Bleach Bleach on Dec 21, 2008

    Please don't go the myspace and youtube routes and bring in that rabble. If I wanted to read idiotic non-grammatical insults I could go to those sites or read Yahoo comments. How many times can you read "ferst!" or "1rst!" or "you sux" or "no u da beeatch"?

  • Michael Ayoub Michael Ayoub on Dec 21, 2008

    @obbop I see. I guess I'm just really fast at scanning for things on the screen... But why would you rush an automobile purchase so? Just wondering.

  • Enicideme Enicideme on Dec 21, 2008

    +1 on a sidebar listing the most recent, most-commented-on posts.