Ford and GM to Sell Corporate Jets

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ford and gm to sell corporate jets

ABC News— originators of “Jet-gate”– report that both Ford and GM have decided to sell their corporate aircraft. GM’s press release on the subject was uncharacteristically terse, and characteristically timed (released on the same day as November’s abysmal sales stats). “GM… is ceasing operations at General Motors Air Transportation Services (GMATS) at Detroit Metro Airport. Due to significant cutbacks over the past months, GM travel volume no longer justifies a dedicated corporate aircraft operation.” So where does that leave The General’s transport? The automaker is “currently exploring options for transferring its aircraft to another operator” and “pursuing sale of four of the aircraft so it can terminate the leases. GM will shutter the facility at Metro Airport effective January 1, 2009. GM will work with the airport to seek a tenant for the balance of the lease, which expires in 2009.” Zero percent finance available? Meanwhile, Ford’s decision to sell four jets (Volvo thrown in) didn’t make its press site. But we can now reveal that GM CEO Rick Wagoner will be racing Alan Mulally’s Escape Hybrid to Washington in a Malibu hybrid. ChryCo’s CEO will also be driving to DC, but his exact mode of transport is a state secret, for security reasons.

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  • Ken Elias Ken Elias on Dec 02, 2008

    Alan Mulally needs a jet and should have one. He knows what needs to be done and is doing it...albeit he needs to speed that process up. He's the team leader, and likely needs to be in many places in one day, something that can't happen on the airlines. Wagoner and Nardelli might as well walk everywhere given the value of their contributions. No one would miss them.

  • Doktorno Doktorno on Dec 02, 2008

    N85523, nice Champ. I agree, surprised they own and they will likely lease back from another entity. CarCos should pickup a King Air 350 or Piaggio Avanti so they can claim to have arrived "on a prop plane."

  • Willman Willman on Dec 03, 2008

    I guarantee you, they're already planning to buy the next round of jets that will be even more expensive. Probably getting some help from real useful people like UN ambassadors on paint color, which marble for the countertops and whether to use yellow gold or white gold for the toilet bowls.

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Dec 04, 2008

    Funny how they had to be put on the hotseat to "change" their ways. Just another demonstration of how Detroit won't change at the roots level. Of course now they are driving ten hours each way to the meetings. DUMB! Why not suck it up, rent a jet or prop plane and "jetpool"? Why not just get on a commercial jet and fly first class? I'd surely feel like they were doing better things with their short time left in business if they were sitting in an airport VIP lounge waiting for their flight or at least riding to DC in the back of a vehicle large enough to carry them and some assistants so they could strategize the whole way. How urgent is their situation if they will waste two days on the highway? Rent a bus and "buspool". Room for lots of assistants, advisors, and laptops. The act they do is tiring...