Aussies Confirm: Pontiac G8 is a Flop

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
aussies confirm pontiac g8 is a flop

I’m a bit gun-shy after mistakenly accusing NBC of pulling the SNL sketch pillorying the Big 2.8’s Congressional bailout begging from YouTube for ad revenue-related reasons. So I’m not going to raise the specter of conspiracy for a 404 message on The Australian newspaper. I’m sure the story on the Pontiac G8 disappeared due to technical reasons. Or something. Thankfully, one of our B&B cut and pasted the piece into an email. “Holden Exports Facing Stop Sign” contemplates the prospect of GM axing Pontiac as part of its pursuit of bailout billions. “The Holden-built Pontiac G8 is part of the problem, as it is struggling to find buyers. Just 13,000 have been bought since shipments began at the beginning of the year, and inventory levels exceed 11,000 cars — or 283 days’ supply — the third-worst for any GM model, according to specialist US website Automotive News. Potential Pontiac G8 buyers must now factor in an uncertain future for the brand. ‘It’s a challenging business environment for carmakers around the world,’ said a spokesman for GM Holden, Jonathan Rose. ‘We’re very proud of our export program.’ He denied Holden was adding to Pontiac’s woes, and said export shipments were continuing… The company expected US demand for Pontiac G8s to boost exports, but recently announced plans to shut its factory for 25 days in the first quarter next year, in addition to its four-week Christmas holiday closure.”

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  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Dec 03, 2008
    just take half of the chevy lumina exports to the middle east and turn around to offload in NA. Chevrolet Lumina, known brand, known name, right "Brand" Resurrecting Lumina is like bringing back Taurus: it only makes sense to someone deeply mired in Detroit myopia. Very few have good memories of the Lumina. You may as well call the Cruze the Cavalier.

  • Eichler Eichler on Dec 03, 2008

    Call the Chevrolet version Impala, that has a heyday feeling to it of those models of the late 50's and 60's-70's at least in the US. And put the chevy styling themes into it-like the eggcrate grille/bowtie in the front and the 3 light-red white red rear styling of the Impalas of that era. I dunno about Commodore- there are folks in the US that still remember that as a Hudson.

  • Michael Ayoub Michael Ayoub on Dec 03, 2008

    I still intend to get one.

  • Jckirlan11 Jckirlan11 on Dec 12, 2008

    I love this car. I think it is gorgeous! Fits a family of 5 and still bada$$ enough for a mid 40's guy to look hip but not overly showy. Can't believe they don't sell.