Saturn Vue PHEV Delay Delayed. Or Not.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
saturn vue phev delay delayed or not

Autobloggreen‘s Sam Abuelsamid’s been talking to GM PR about his story re: the delayed debut of Saturn’s plug-in hybrid gas – electric Vue. (I could blog my blog of his blog, but why bother?) More accurately, GM PR’s been talking to Autobloggreen’s Sam Abuelsamid re: the delayed debut of Saturn’s plug-in hybrid gas – electric Vue. “Our original statement said that production would begin ‘as soon as 2010’ because we did not want to create artificial deadlines,” GM spokesman Brian Corbett lied to AB’s man in green. “We have dedicated significant resources to the program and it is progressing rapidly. Now that we are further along in the development process, we can now give a more up-to-date projection.” And that is? “From what we’re hearing from sources at GM,” Sam reports, “the PHEV is still moving ahead and will go into production and it will likely debut sometime in 2011.” Sources? Does Sammy mean Senior Corbett? Dunno. But the scribe’s coda sounds suspiciously pre-spun. “Given the importance of the Volt to GM and the limited resources it has at the moment, it makes sense for them to focus on the ER-EV first. Work is proceeding on the VUE and knowledge learned about lithium batteries and controls is being applied to the PHEV.”

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