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Executives at photo enforcement firms American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and Redflex have been caught ignoring their own speed camera tickets. Arizona motorists may safely throw away citations sent in the mail as state law requires that they be personally served with a violation notice within ninety days of the alleged offense. Tickets that are not properly served must be dismissed within 120 days. That worked out well for Shoba Vaitheeswaran, 33, the spokesman for the Arizona office of Redflex Traffic Systems. A ticket filed against her in September 2005 was dismissed after she ignored it. Vaitheeswaran was not an employee at the time, as she has only recently taken over the media relations role from Michael Ferraresi, 28. Ferraresi, himself a frequent ticket recipient, has been through a revolving door with the Australian camera vendor and the Arizona Republic newspaper. After writing stories about the company for the Republic, Redflex hired Ferraresi to be spokesman– often speaking to his former colleagues at the paper about the company. Ferraresi is once again reporting for the Republic, a paper that offers enthusiastic editorial support for the use of speed cameras and red light cameras.

Although Redflex and ATS have the technical ability to ensure none of their own executives receive tickets, each company is able to issue tickets to employees of the other company. In May 2006, Redflex mailed a citation to ATS Executive Vice President of Field Operations John Petrozza, 44. Petrozza ignored the ticket, forcing Scottsdale Municipal Court to dismiss the violation on September 27, 2006.

ATS President James D. Tuton, 46, was issued a photo ticket in July. According to court records, by August 29 Tuton had failed to respond to the charge and a process server was dispatched in September. The records show the ticket has not been resolved. The local activist group discovered these records and found itself torn between the principle of supporting any individual who fights a photo citation and opposing the companies that issue them.

“It’s unclear if Tuton is actually going to fight his ticket,” the group said on its website. “We’ll bring the popcorn to that dog-and-pony courtroom showdown. So, allow us to momentarily enter the Twilight Zone while we, uh, applaud — ? — these people for ignoring the fraudulent photo enforcement tickets.”

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8 Comments on “Photo Enforcement Executives Ignore Own Tickets...”

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    Living in AZ, now with a speed camera on every damn highway, I am really tempted to buy one of those license plate reflection plates.

    So what is the point of this story, to throw away your tickets as they are unlawful or the execs are bastards?

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    So, I see a potential new business model for these guys. For a low monthly fee they can add your license plate to their “do not cite” list and you are “protected”!!! Sort of like insurance…

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    AlphaWolf: Living in AZ, now with a speed camera on every damn highway, I am really tempted to buy one of those license plate reflection plates.

    I think those are illegal – anything that tampers with your license plate – plus I think MythBusters showed they don’t work.

    You may want to get a detector with GPS capabilities like

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    Never heard of the GPS Angel. Good Tip!

    I have heard about the Mythbuster’s episode, but there are people out there that say the reflective sprays can work with the speed cameras if you keep re-applying them.

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    AlphaWolf: if you keep re-applying them

    Thank YOU for the good tip! ;-)

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    I remember reading somewhere that those “reflective sprays” are merely hairspray.

    So, go buy a bunch of hairspray and soak your plates, save a lot of money on the anti-photo thing and money on tickets.

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    Ah, sorry guys and gals, I went to an “informational” meeting tonight and they offset the flashes on the camera, so no reflective crap works, buy the smoked license plate covers or angular blockers.

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    I don’t think any of those sprays or covers work.

    Here’s the exact Mythbusters episde.

    I’m happy with my GPS detector.

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