MINI E Has More Trunk Space Than a Tesla Roadster. Just.

Adrian Imonti
by Adrian Imonti
mini e has more trunk space than a tesla roadster just

The new electric-powered MINI E has the same shape, size and style of a regular MINI. In other words, the MINI E is small. This creates a dilemma: lithium-ion batteries that are large enough to power a car are big. BMW has tackled this problem as only a team of engineers could: by removing virtually every square centimeter of usable space from the vehicle. It’s fortunate if you have no friends or children, because the back seat has been replaced by a rather prominent, sizable hump. Cargo space in the hatch area is adequate– as long as your shopping needs are limited to the occasional six-pack and baguette. Then again, who cares? The Mini E is a limited production evaluation vehicle available to just 500 early adopters, whose enthusiasm will burnish the brand but good. In case any ultimate drivers are interested, BMW claims a 150-mile range, 2.5-hour recharge time, and a 0 – 60 time of 8.5 seconds from its 204hp motor, with a top-speed limited to 95 mph (to avoid range claims in the double digits).

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  • AG AG on Nov 20, 2008

    The use of the passenger seat as cargo space is vastly underrated.

  • JT JT on Nov 20, 2008
    ...BMW claims a 150-mile range, 2.5-hour recharge time..., Heh! The Volt team from Chevrolet called...they want to talk about those numbers.
  • JT JT on Nov 20, 2008
  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Nov 20, 2008

    JT : As noted in a previous post, that recharge time depends on installing a special high-voltage box in your home or office garage. It's more like eight hours, otherwise.