Bailout Watch 162: White House Cautiously Opportunistic

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
bailout watch 162 white house cautiously opportunistic

Whether you agree with the Iraq War II or not, whether you view America’s military presence in country as a burgeoning success or an endless quagmire, the Bush administration has created what we’ll call an “ongoing situation.” The question now facing George W: does he want to be the president who initiated direct(ish) federal participation in the American automobile industry? The answer came on Monday: maybe. Our pals at The Detroit News report that The White House has signaled its willingness to support new legislation to aid Detroit. BUT– keep your God damn hands off the previously-enacted $700b Wall Street bailout package. “Congress is going to come back into town next week,” Presidential Spokesfolk Dana Perino said. “If they decide to try to do something more on the auto industry, we would listen.” Meanwhile… “Michigan lawmakers and the automakers are moving aggressively to try to shift public opinion in favor of more federal aid for the Big Three.” Yup. “GM posted a link on a company Web site for its dealers to send letters to Congress, and will be posting similar letters for retirees and consumers. The effort is called ‘Mobilize Our Auto Nation.'”

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  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Nov 11, 2008

    Exactly what motive does Bush have to stick his neck out on this one. If the Democrats want it let them make it the first act of the new administration. Otherwise the Democrats have slagged Bush and been trolls for the last 8 years. They can deal with this without him.

  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Nov 11, 2008

    MOAN what a name and so correct for what they are doing. We need to start getting letters to stop this to Bush and his Replican friends in the House. Give him other options to consider, this blank check to them is such a bad idea that is not going to fix anything and just waste or money. Has anyone written a pretty basic letter I could modify and send to my reps and Bush?

  • Casual Observer Casual Observer on Nov 11, 2008

    Dana Perino is kinda hot. Is that wrong to say, or should I keep that to myself? If anything, the 2.8 should be forced to file Ch 11, and the $xx billion should be used to mitigate the collateral damage.

  • John Horner John Horner on Nov 11, 2008

    "Mobilize Our Auto Nation" Wow, big business CEOs trying to be Community Organizers. Irony addicts like myself just can't get enough of this stuff!