Women LOVE Crossovers. Who Could Argue With That?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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  • S is for Supra S is for Supra on Oct 29, 2008

    So why wou'dn't you target women who are the main buyers of mini-van replacements?

  • Blastman Blastman on Oct 29, 2008
    Virtually every reputable survey shows that women decide the majority of new-vehicle purchases. It has been this way for years. Not necessarily true -- and misleading. First, women buy a slight majority of overall of car purchases -- but saying they decide the majority of purchases as opposed to buying is a different thing. With the purchases of cars by women who are married, I can guarantee that men have a large say in those decisions. Men generally know more about cars and will usually be heavily consulted when women buy a vehicle. If the husband suggests that a certain vehicle would be suitable, and the women goes along with that call -- are we going to characterize it as just the woman's decision? Hardly. While the vehicle is purchased under the woman's name, somewhere a man is usually heavily consulted on the decision. Secondly, men buy (on average) higher priced vehicles than women. So men account for a sizeable majority of overall dollars spent on vehicles (the last figures I saw were 2/3 of every car dollar). In other words, if one looks at the overall dollar value of vehicles purchased, men spend more than women -- a lot more. And then there are statements like women influence something like 80% of auto purchases. Well … how much is that influence? Are women a major influence or only a small influence in those 80%? If the influence is small on most of the final decisions, then that number may not mean very much. What percentage of auto purchases do men influence 90% …95%? And how heavy weighted is their influence on those purchases? Feminists and those that promote feminism are always trying to overplay women's in influence in some endeavor, including the auto market. I've never met a single guy in my life that asked a woman advice about buying a car. The average woman doesn't even know how to check the oil in a car and they don't generally show a lot of interest in a car except as an appliance or a fashion statement. On the opposite front -- women don't generally ask guys about the latest fashion to wear in shoes. And then there is the influence of Auto magazines and online auto forums. Take a scan of the automotive forums -- women make up such a small percentage of the members and those regularly posting as to be almost negligible. The vast majority of the auto forums ( 95%+) and commentary on auto forums are by men. And the vast majority auto journalists are men (probably ~ 95% or greater). So, where do women go for information and analysis when they purchase a vehicle? Most likely it will be to some article or commentary by men. If one overestimates women's influence on the auto market -- and then markets a whole division to them (like Mercury), it can end up being a disaster because one has overestimated what that "80% influence" figure really means. The vast majority of your auto critics will be men, so they are the ones the auto makers have to please because that's where most people get their information and commentary on autos.

  • AllStingNoBling AllStingNoBling on Oct 29, 2008

    Being that the Chevy Traverse was designed by women is not surprising. I mean look at it. I looks like the bulbous plastic toys they buy for their kids. I also can't stand what she said, "Who better than mom's to design this vehicle," or something to that effect. Oh, I'm sorry, I guess fathers have no freaking sense when it comes to designing something with their child's needs in mind. Ahh, but I forgot, when it comes to women, equality is a one way street.

  • Geeber Geeber on Oct 29, 2008

    Sorry, Blastman, but the in real world, it works like this - if the woman isn't happy with the purchase, it won't happen. Period. That's not "feminism," it's the way things work in a relationship. Unless the car (usually a sports car or Mustang GT) is a bought as a "toy" for the man. And most people do not post on auto forums or read automobile magazines. (The one magazine that really drives sales is Consumer Reports.) If automobile websites and Car & Driver really drove sales of new vehicles, then the VWs and Subaru WRXs would be top sellers in America.