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Last week, vigilantes set fire to a Cumbria, UK speed camera. The was device located on the A590 near Witherslack in the seaside resort town of Grange-over-Sands. The attack “only” wreaked an estimated £3000 ($5200) in damage on the revenue collection safety device. Meanwhile, back In Montgomery County, Maryland, vigilantes continue to protest the use of speed cameras by writing “SCAM” in large white lettering on the street just ahead of the lucrative devices. The cameras themselves are unaffected and continue to generate revenue. At least three sites have now been targeted, with the messages “GOV. SCAM” and “GREEDY SCAM.” Photos come courtesy a local activist website that does not endorse the protest tactic. “StopBigBrotherMD believes that those who feel that speed cameras are a scam should instead use legal means of expressing their frustration,” the site’s editor wrote. “That would include writing letters to the editor, writing to your state legislature, or challenging citations in court.”

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8 Comments on “UK Speed Camera Burned, More Maryland Photos...”

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    I dunno, cutting into their profits is probably the only really effective way to stop it. They are cutting down on yellow light times to increase revenue, for gods sake. It’s not like they are even pretending to themselves that they are working for the public benefit, and the practice is so lucrative they aren’t going to shut down voluntarily.

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    Camera warnings seem like a damn good strategy. Especially since a huge speed camera weakness is that they are stuck in a fixed location.

    Destroying speed cameras is a pretty serious offense, and usually involves the illegal use of explosives or firearms, likely adding to the offense. Simply putting up warnings is much less risky.

    However, there are three problems with the above strategy:

    1) They are defacing the road, and even if they are using chalk they could possibly face some trumped up vandalism or driver distraction charge.

    2) They have to STAND IN THE ROAD to write the message.

    3) “GOV. SCAM” or “GREEDY SCAM” is not a particularly effective warning that a speed camera is coming up. It’s more likely to make people think that some random nut is running loose in the area.

    I would advise these people to simply put up cheap but large and noticeable signs by the side of the road saying: “Warning: Speed Camera Ahead”.

    In some areas they might even be able to get permission from the owner of the property next to the road to put the sign up on their property – putting the sign beyond the reach of the authorities.

    Even if people speeding past their property really pisses off the property owner a “Warning: Speed Camera Ahead” sign is going to slow people down much more effectively than a hidden speed camera targeted more at revenue generation than speed control.

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    another great comment directly above by no_slushbox. I’m David Holzman and I approve this message.

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    How about paintball guns?

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    These cameras are about one thing…making money.

    If the government really were out to “protect citizens from themselves”, cars would have alcohol sensors that refuse to start the car based on the driver’s health, and they would be SPEED LIMITED TO 70 MPH.

    An intelligent technology would change the speed limit on vehicles based on the zone they enter: 75 for highway, 30 for residential streets, 15 for narrow streets.

    But, I know this is coming. After all, newer cars can have their engines disabled by the police to prevent car chases LOL.

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    An intelligent technology would change the speed limit on vehicles based on the zone they enter: 75 for highway, 30 for residential streets, 15 for narrow streets.

    That could start a stampede to old cars

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    no_slushbox : Regarding destroying speed cameras, thermite is not illegal to possess and the ingredients are relatively easy to obtain. Butane torches and old tires are also easily found.

    Detroit-Iron :
    I’ve always wondered the same thing. I imagine you could simply wash the paint off.

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    Or to be more discrete about it except the initial drill hole. Use expanding foam as it slowly destroys the insides. Or get a beater and ram it from behind.

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