TTAC Photochop: New (9th Gen) Honda Civic

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop new 9th gen honda civic

The eight gen Honda Civic– at least in its European form– surprised everybody with its aggressive-outlandish style. Considering the Japanese manufacturerʼs intention to re-target their compact towards a younger audience, the design was a complete success. But all revolutions are followed by a period of calm. The next Civic should be less of a shock in comparison with its predecessor. At this year’s London Motor Show, Honda presented the Euro-spec Honda OSM concept car. This compact and slightly goofy show roadster doesnʼt look like a successor for the aggressive S2000. It appears more likely that it displays design lines to be seen on Honda future compact models. In this rendering of Civic 9.0, I’ve fashioned a nose inspired by the OSM’s, but wider and a little bit lower. The lights are also related, with proportions that fit the short bonnet of the Civic (so to speak). The wide smiling grille is divided by blades inspired by those on the FCX Clarity. The vent on the hood breaks the monotony and adds a little something to the funk factor.

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