Toyota Attacks Again! Launches Rewards Visa(R)

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
toyota attacks again launches rewards visa r

If you harbored any doubts that Toyota is attacking the soft underbelly of its chief American rival, General Motors, this should eliminate them. Toyota Financial Services (TFS), one of only two AAA-rated auto credit companies, is launching the Toyota Rewards Visa®. Like GM’s card, ToMoCo’s Visa creates rewards points that can be redeemed when purchasing a vehicle from a Toyota delaership. Unlike GM’s card, ToMoCo’s plastic points are also redeemable towards service, parts and accessories. Card holders get five points for every $1 spent at Toyota dealerships, and a buck a point for everything else. There’s no limit to the amount of points a card holder can amass. Points are redeemed at one percent (e.g. $2500 worth of groceries equals $25 down at your Toyota dealer). There’s no annual fee, and a zero percent APR for the first six months. After that? Seems that depends on you. Well, your credit rating.

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  • Netrun Netrun on Oct 14, 2008

    Toyota mgmt has recognized that sales and production are out of whack and have pushed the big red button to move the metal. Because this will have a negative affect on resale and isn't a permanent fix, I'm hoping the 0% sale is temporary and next year's production will get cut to match the new market their in. If Toyota mgmt sticks with toe tag sales and gimmicks to sell cars, they'll deserve all the GM-like bashing. If they pull production and stop the incentives they'll not only be in a lot better shape but will have done the right thing this year and next. That's hard to fathom GM doing any year.

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Oct 14, 2008

    yes but do the points expire ? The GM points die after a few years, which pissed my dad off when he went to pick up what he affectionately refers to as his Jew canoe (CTS-4, he's a short, fat, bald, old Jewish guy)

  • Usta Bee Usta Bee on Oct 14, 2008

    What if Toyota is now pissed that Detroit has bailout money heading it's way, and they're finally saying no more Mr. Niceguy to American automakers ?. The final nail in the coffin for Detroit ?.

  • Campisi Campisi on Oct 15, 2008

    I wouldn't consider this an attack on General Motors as much as a tweaked emulation of what General Motors was doing about a decade or so ago. I say "tweaked" because I highly doubt Toyota will ever allow itself to fall into the same hole that General Motors has. ... A similar hole in the future maybe, but not the same one.