Lamborghini Estoque Interior: GRAY?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
lamborghini estoque interior gray
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  • Johnster Johnster on Oct 09, 2008

    Just last week we were noting the distinctive gray and white interior of the new Volkswagen Routtan minivan. And Volkswagen owns Lamborghini. What a remarkable coincidence.

  • DeanMTL DeanMTL on Oct 09, 2008

    Looks just like the grey from the 80's chrysler and GM interiors. Horrid, and even worse is that it got through scores of engineers, designers, and top brass before hitting the showroom.

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Oct 10, 2008

    @JJ Speaking of which, since there are so many Panameras driving around I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything of the interior yet There are interior shots, and pretty good ones. Think 911 with a tall tranmission tunnel, huge air vents and more buttons everywhere.

  • Meanpants555 Meanpants555 on Oct 10, 2008

    Lamborghini dictates what is cool. I am sure many of you typed your knee jerk responses while wearing your wrinkle-free Dockers (a pinnacle of fine design).