Daily Podcast: Is It Really 8:20 Already?

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
daily podcast is it really 8 20 already

Ouch. Normally we shoot to put up our podcasts midday, but wouldn’t you know it, I accidentally stepped on my official TTAC podcasting headset. Between that, and the fact that the car industry is in meltdown mode, we weren’t able to get to a podcast until 6PM. And then I got wrapped up trying to get an idea of the approximate number of Americans and Canadians that will be out of jobs if/when the Chrysler-GM merger actually happens. Since that’s like trying to count the number of lights while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, I had to give up. And here we are. Have a good night, folks!

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  • HarveyBirdman HarveyBirdman on Oct 22, 2008

    Anybody that's using the traditional media to track the implosion of the US auto industry is going to be caught WAY off guard when the first C11 gets filed. I'm glad there's sites like TTAC that are on the front lines as these events rapidly unfold. I was going to suggest that you write a book about all this after the dust settles, RF, but of course, it would be out of date before it hit the presses. Perhaps as a history book, to warn future generations who will surely ignore the lessons being taught in this collapse.

  • Ronman Ronman on Oct 23, 2008

    you can add, a reader from Lebanon as well.... to your list. as for the meltdowns on your side of the atlantic, i dont think these companies will eventually die... of course, but it is fun and interesting to see you guys saying what really is happening and what really should be done, on the other hand, GM her in the middle east keeps growing, their large SUV's are selling like crazy. for the simple fact that fuel prices are not an issue (Leb Excluded), there's plenty of it actually, and they have great big roads that fit them neatly, and dunes that need to be bashed on the weekends, not to mention some really record setting large families "Suburban Heaven". so GM sees no slow down in its growth over the next few years in this area, and the countries where big cars are not selling, where fuel prices matter, the Daewoolets are plugging the gap. Opel astras and corsas as well as Saab's are selling as well, taking market shares from merc and bmw on the simple fact that the euro exchange rate is unfriendly and unreliable, and dealers have come up with a plan to purchase these two euro GM brands in dollar currency. i'll keep you posted... oh yeah: chrysler and ford arent doing so well i suspect "quite sure", because they havent invited the media for lunch do divulge their market performance this year..."

  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Oct 23, 2008

    Looking forward to the 8C review! Woo!