Chrysler September Sales Down 34%

Richard Chen
by Richard Chen

Chrysler’s monthly sales spreadsheet is as glum as ever, with the soon to be wholly American-owned again carmaker‘s September sales off 33 percent. Fleet-charged minivan sales rose six percent, 2,376 Challengers peeled off the lots, and almost 5K customers took a Journey. Viper sales are up 258 percent to, uh, 86. And then there’s a whole lot of familiar bad news that could me mistaken for a copy and paste from the previous few months. The small, mid-sized, and large cars aren’t what you’d call hot sellers. Outgoing Ram sales are down 31 percent and Chrysler now offers $6k to take the last of the 2008’s. Durango sales were back down, this month just 616 without mention of hybrid sales. Total year-to-date sales are down 25 percent. The only other thing poor CJD dealers have to look forwards this fall: budget Challengers and freshened interiors on the Jeep Compass and Patriot. Woo-hoo.

Richard Chen
Richard Chen

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  • Steven Lang Steven Lang on Oct 01, 2008

    Hmmm.. maybe a stillframe of the movie Ishtar would be more appropriate.

  • Point Given Point Given on Oct 01, 2008

    The new truck is on the ground here in Canada and has got that new design bump and is selling well. At least the first batch. The first one I saw had the factory standard improper fitting hood. Although ventilated seats, with hard drive(usb!) for tunes was a very nice touch.

  • TriShield TriShield on Oct 02, 2008

    I've seen quite a few new Challengers rolling around here in the desert. No new Rams yet. It's a shame too because both vehicles are very well done and deserve to sell, but with the credit crisis things look bleak for even desirable vehicles.

  • SherbornSean SherbornSean on Oct 02, 2008

    Well at least they can make up for it in October, now that the economy is back in shape.