By on October 22, 2008

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23 Comments on “Autoblog Reader Spies New Lincoln MKT. Way-Hey!...”

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    For comparison:
    2008 Lincoln MKX – $38,988 – Used with 995 Miles

    2008 Ford Edge Limited – $39,780 – New

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    A whole ten old people in Arizona are going to buy that.

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    Ford should have kept the Aviator alive…no idea why it was cancelled as development costs had to be nil. Explorer is/was an excellent base for a 7-seater (when you actually need it) midsive SUV.

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    @ TriShield:

    A whole ten old people in Arizona are going to buy rent that.

    There fixed that for you.

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    I predict that Ford will not sell one single MKT to a retail customer.

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    Lincon’s product names truly blow. I am usually pretty good at such things, but even I can’t keep them straight any more. Of course, I suppose it might help if I cared.

    @TEXN3 – The problem is few people truly need a 7-passenger SUV (as opposed to a CUV/Wagon). This is why the next-gen Explorer will be an Edge-based CUV.

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    That thing looks bloated…

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    Enough with the pictures, what’s its Nürburgring time?

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    “For comparison:
    2008 Lincoln MKX – $38,988 – Used with 995 Miles

    2008 Ford Edge Limited – $39,780 – New

    not to sound too stupid, but what is your point (that always sounds like a confrontational way to ask a question, but not meant to be in this case)? is it related to the MKT? or is it that the used lincoln is a better deal/value than the ford edge? thanks.

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    For the production model, I hope Ford toned down the Cheshire Cat thing going on with the front end of the concept version.

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    Completely useless vehicle. The Flex is way overpriced…what makes Ford think that this “near luxury” brand needs a station wagon?

    Lincoln is a dead brand…and “products” like this further that truth.

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    The first time I saw it (concept back to front), I thouht, hey, this is actually pretty good, but as I saw the front, I thought, OMG is that ever ugly – who would want to drive that?

    On to Autoblog site, the prototype has a huge E-Stop button on top of the dash.

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    Hmmm… a Magnum clone, only uglier…

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    The asking price on a Ford is basically irrelevant; it’s like the starting price on a rug at an Indian bazaar. Here are the true prices of some ford products:

    An ’09 Fusion is about $13K, an ’09 Mustang V6 (it has a lot of standard features) is about $16K, and the all new Flex is $24,989.

    I went to the Lincoln website and couldn’t believe the asking prices, totally insane.

    Since a lot of old people buy Lincolns I feel like the sticker prices are just a ploy to rip off the senile.

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    The only thing that stands out with all the covering is how damn reflective the paint is. It looks like a mirror.

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    The MKT is supposedly the replacement for the MKX. This quick comparison I did just shows the devalue hit (~$8k) compared to the Edge version new. The Edge loses ~$10k off the lot when used.

    I was showing that a lightly-used MKT is a good value compared to the Ford version, assuming the Lincoln is a better fit-and-finish as it should be. I really don’t know if buyers compare models like this, looking for the best-bang-for-buck, but I do.

    Previously, the Aviator and Navigator did not devalue this quickly compared to the Explorer & Expedition counterpart, and that includes the Mercury version of the Mariner (which I always thought was stupid).

    I also agree with Thalter, Lincolns new naming scheme sucks.

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    I cant even see much of it, how i can’t understand how anyone could hate it so quickly.

    For the record, i like stationwagons.

    or in this case MK Tsationwagon.

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    The MKT is not a replacement for the MKX. It’s a bigger vehicle with more seating, like a Lincoln version of the Flex.

    Oh, and lots of protos for on-road testing have big red e-stop buttons on the dash, so what?

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    Brian E

    Ford should do something really “bold” and put sliding doors on this minivan. Sure, it’d be an expensive minivan. So what? Cater to the crowd that doesn’t want to drop off the kids at their private school in a Honda or Toyota.

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    Brian E :

    If they wanted to be bold they would pay tribute to the classic Continentals and give it suicide doors.

    As you allude to, the only real difference between a minivan and large a car based SUV is whether it has sliding or conventional doors.

    Sliding doors have advantages and disadvantages, but the American public will not accept an upscale vehicle with sliding doors – a minivan. It has to be a car based large SUV. Those who don’t want to drop their kids off in a Honda or Toyota use an Acura MDX or a Lexus RX.

    The chances that this can compete against the MDX and RX are already low. If they put sliding doors on it they would be non-existent.

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    Not sure how true this is, but an interesting anecdote nonetheless: I heard somewhere that Lincoln was using the “MK” naming system because it makes it more difficult to say, “I drive a Town Car/Continental/Navigator.” People presumably must place “Lincoln” in their answer. Just goes to show you how far the brand has fallen.

    I’m not for the new Lincoln naming system either; I feel it’s further diluting the brand! Lincoln Marks of yore used to be personal luxury land yachts. It was Lincoln’s counterpart to the Eldorado. Of course, personal luxury coupes went out of favor, and Ford pulled the plug. These new MKS/MKX/MKT designations seem a (somewhat desperate) attempt to make any connection to the past. But the only thing a modern MKT shares with the Mark IIIs and IVs of yesterday is gross weight.

    That being said, I’m not too happy with Cadillac’s new naming direction either.

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    I was hoping for suicide doors.

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    Richard Chen

    Calling it the MeerKaT makes it easier to pronounce.

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