Australian Photo Enforcement Company Redflex for Sale

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by The Newspaper
australian photo enforcement company redflex for sale

Australia’s Redflex Traffic Systems announced today that they’ve been approached by unnamed buyers. The offers follow last month’s announcement that Goldman Sachs had acquired a minority stake in photo ticketing rival American Traffic Solutions (ATS). It also follows a 43 percent increase in traffic ticket revenue from the United States; the total number of ticket cameras soared from 877 to 1267. As home values continue to decline, property tax income likewise falls off; leaving cities and counties struggling to find money to fund expensive new social programs. Redflex offers “turnkey” red light camera and speed camera solutions ( view a sample presentation). With no effort or cost exposure, many government officials see nothing to lose by signing up to allow either Redflex or ATS to issue tickets on its behalf. It’s afterwards, when the public objects, that common sense prevails. Meanwhile and in any case, Redflex’s suitors know it’s a growth industry. [click here for the full story from]

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