The Gray Lady Goes To LeMons

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
the gray lady goes to lemons

The NY Times had a Digg-topping hit over the weekend, exposing the unwashed masses to the cosmic truth that LeMons racing is incredibly awesome. Regular readers of TTAC and other fine car blogs have adored the $500 car nut race series for some time now, but it’s good to see LeMons get the mainstream attention it so richly deserves. Besides, making an entertaining feature out of LeMons is a little like voting for Obama: if you can’t swing it, you probably shouldn’t be working at the New York Times. Wheelspin scribe Eddie Alterman hooked up with a Fiero-fielding team for LeMons South, and the event’s insane rules rich pagentry and certifiable nutcases colorful personalities shine through in his piece. LeMons is too crazy not to appreciate a tribute to the vibrancy of the American spirit, and it’s new-found popularity comes as no surprise. Just don’t go changing on us, guys.

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  • Banger Banger on Sep 30, 2008

    That's a suh-weet Volvo, mang! Makes me want to do one of these LeMons races. And it's about time the big media started paying attention to this. If only Speed will air these races on national TV now! One minor nag, Mr. Niedermeyer: "it's" only has an apostrophe if used as the shortened form of "it is." The possessive form needs no apostrophe.