Ford Sales Down 25.5%

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ford sales down 25 5

Ford’s August sales numbers are in. Following the now-familiar pattern, Ford’s put a brave face on what can only be described as the tragedy part of that weird ass dual mask drama companies use on their programs. “FORD FOCUS, ESCAPE REMAIN STANDOUTS IN A CHALLENGING MARKET,” FoMoCo’s press release proclaims. Gas misers must truly in vogue, as non-class-leader Ford Focus sales rose 23 percent. Escape sales also escaped the August drought, ascending by 17 percent. OK, now the bad news… All three Blue Oval Brands took in on the chin, year-to-date-wise: Ford (-14.7 percent), Lincoln (-18.8 percent) and Mercury (-23.6 percent). While the general car scene wasn’t all that rosy (-5.1 percent), but the SUV picture was a desert (trucks down 20.1 percent).

[ Click here for Ford’s August sales stats]

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  • Rudiger Rudiger on Sep 03, 2008
    "Gas misers must truly in vogue, as non-class-leader Ford Focus sales rose 23 percent."The only thing that would be more astonishing and prove that consumers truly are in full panic-buying mode would be if there were a similiar increase in sales of the even more craptacular domestic competitors to the Focus, i.e., Cobalt and Caliber.

  • OhMyGoat OhMyGoat on Sep 04, 2008

    A perfect storm of in the toilet sales combined with the financial realities of a brand new building sank the recently relocated Cornelius Ford a long established dealer in Vallejo, CA after only opening the doors only 7 months earlier. Previously they were in the center of town where they had been located for years and rent was cheap (Vallejo being somewhat of an armpit city). Then a new "auto mall" was built alongside I-80 and apparently Ford leaned on them to join the party. The rest is now history. Not too surprising though as a co-worker was interested in a Fusion a few months prior to the dealer's eventual implosion, and they wouldn't budge a dime on the price. Oh, and they ended up buying a Sonata instead...

  • Armadamaster Armadamaster on Sep 04, 2008

    Crown Vic was up again. Boy, that "fleet only" sure was a good idea, eh Ford?

  • Hal Hal on Sep 05, 2008

    NulloModo, thanks for your response. I think I'll wait till January and see if I can get a deal on a Flex then.