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Ford buyers’ shift to cars from trucks continued unabated in November. While the F-Series booked a 20% drop, reflecting a weak construction and discretionary truck market, passenger cars sales increased a tidy 14%. Net: Zero. The big winner at Ford is the Fusion, up 54%, and setting a new full year sales record. The details:First, the big picture of the various brands:

Ford brand vehicles overall were up 2%, driven by stronger passenger car sales and crossovers. As mentioned, the Fusion led the way, especially with a trend-busting 18% increase YTD. The Taurus also booked a 54% increase, with totals for the month at 4,669 units. The Mustang was flat, and the Flex was down 8%, unable to catch any significant momentum despite a renewed marketing effort. Focus booked a reasonable 24% increase, but is still down for the year. The Escape is still strong, up 51%, and ahead for the year.

That’s it for most of the good news, because Mercury and Lincoln are struggling:

Were it not for the Milan’s 40% increase, Mercury would be in the ditch. Less than 7k total unit were moved at the sign of the cat.

The news was even worse at Lincoln: total sales for the month barely broke 6k. The MKS faltered, down 27%. The Town Car is fading away, MKX and navigator are drooping, and the new MKT couldn’t help with 648 units. Total Lincoln sales are down 20% for the month and 26& YTD.

Volvo eked out a 5% gain, thanks to the new XC60 instant best seller status of the brand. Except for the C70, declines were across the board. Volvo is down 18% for the year so far.

Hybrid sales for all Ford brands were up a tidy 73%, reflecting the Fusion’s new membership in the club.

Ford overall remains down 19% YTD. But production plans for the first quarter 2010 are set for 550k units, which would be a 58% increase over the dismal Q1 of 2009.

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22 Comments on “Ford Sales Flat In November; Cars Up, Trucks Down...”

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    Where’s P71 CrownVic these days?

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    For all the awards bought and paid for…The Fusion had a terrible month at 13K…that is no better than last month nor is it better than before the slight re-skin. The Camry moved 27K units in November…

    The Flex is selling nowhere near the 100K a year that Jimbo Farley said it would. In fact, it is on track to sell 32K units this year…and over the whole lifetime of the Flex…it HAS YET to sell 100K units…it’s only at 48,540…not even HALF of what it was expected to do every year. And the Traverse moved over 7K units in the month of November alone.

    The so-called “new” Taurus was DOWN over 23% from last month. The ancient Impala out sold it by more than 50%.

    The so-called “new” Mustang moved HALF of the units that the Camaro did…and is down over 30% for the year.

    The one year old hack job known as the Focus is DOWN over 20%….only moving 10K units this past month…the Corolla moved about 22K units

    The F-Series was down almost 20% for the month and over 20% for the year.


    The MKS was down AGAIN over 20%…at 27.2%…This marks the FIFTH month in a row that the MKS was down over 20%.

    The slightly re-skinned MKZ was down a respectable 4%…but down almost 30% for the year.

    The MKX was down over 10% for the month and over 27% for the year.

    And the Navigator, again, outsold the MKT…which is in it’s third month with sales below 650 units.

    And the Lincoln brand, in all of it’s ‘near-luxury’ glory, was down over 20% for the month and over 26% for the year. More proof to shut it down completely


    Mercury is still it’s strongest advocate to shutter the brand with a pitiful performance yet again in November. The only shining star in the Mercury brand was the Milan with sales UP 40%. Otherwise, the brand is useless.

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      I’m kind of impressed with Mustang sales, really.  Anybody who follows the car knows that if they hold their wad for a few more months, they will be able to get a car the new engines with another hundred horses.    Buying one now is kind of dumb. I expect it will be hard to get one of the new engines for quite a while after they hit the lot.   Once the Mustang is available in the new engines, watch it retake its place on the top of the heap.

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      Well, in my area at least, Ford dealers are currently very flexible on non-Shelby Mustang pricing. I expect that to drastically change after the new engines are introduced.
      I figure it is easier to accept the old engines if it means you’ll be saving a few thousand dollars.

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      For all the awards bought and paid for…The Fusion had a terrible month at 13K…that is no better than last month nor is it better than before the slight re-skin. The Camry moved 27K units in November…
      I don’t see where you’re pulling that “horrible month” nonsense from, considering one of the top sellers in this segment (the Accord) sold 17,200 units.
      Just posting sales numbers without detailed data (such as fleet info) serves no justice here.

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    I think he changed his name (bought a Z71 chevy)…on a positive note, Ford’s retail market share % is up again (They didn’t give the %). 

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    So you dont have to track the unit sales down…

    November 2009 units sold…

    Crown Vic – 2159
    Taurus – 4669
    Fusion – 13774
    Focus – 10196
    Mustang – 3627

    Flex – 2025
    Edge – 6461
    Escape – 15149
    Taurus X – 23

    Expedition – 2654
    Explorer – 4440

    F-Series – 30494
    Ranger – 3271
    Econoline – 4705
    Transit – 1165
    Low Cab – 15
    Heavy Trucks – 306

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      What are the Mercury and Lincoln individual numbers??????

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      Lincoln DOWN over 20% for the month and over 26% for the year.
      Mercury DOWN over 9% for the month and 25% for the year.
      The Lincoln Taurus is not in it’s FIFTH month of being down over 20%.  D3 curse indeed.

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      EDIT…should say:
      The Lincoln Taurus is now in it’s FIFTH month of being down over 20%.  D3 curse indeed.

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      Look, keep all the anti-MKS trash down.
      The facts, Mam…Just the facts.

      The Taurus is bleeding the MKS numbers, and why wouldn’t they?
      But what were the MKS numbers?
      I cannot find them.

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      I gave you the facts.  November was the FIFTH month that the MKS was down over 20%.  Here’s the breakdown:
      November 2009:  DOWN 27.2%
      October 2009:  DOWN 22.3%
      September 2009:  DOWN 27.5%
      August 2009:  DOWN 42.3%
      July 2009:  DOWN 47.1%
      Just the facts.

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    It may not be quite as dumb as you think to buy a Mustang right now, I just leased a 2010 GT coupe (std. model, no options, 5spd man. trans) for the unbelievable 36 month payment of $232 plus use tax with zero down. An equitable lease payment with zero down is usually around 1.1-1.2% of the MSRP. My GT has a $28,845 MSRP making the $232 payment .8% of MSRP. I would be surprised if this deal is still available with the new engines next year. In my case my 07 Fusion lease ends this month so I didn’t have a choice in getting a new vehicle. The 2010 Fusion I ordered had a MSRP of $24k+ and its 36 month zero down lease was $294 + use tax.

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    Considering that the Fusion re-vamp was really well done, it’s gotten great reviews, and now Car of the Year, the monthly sales of 13,000 plus has really got to be disappointing for Ford. The dull as dishwater Camry sells what, 30,000 units a month?  The Fusion should be selling at double it’s current rate.

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      The Camry sold 27,385 units in November 2009.

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      The Camry may be dull as dishwater, but it’s a known commodity with a good reputation. Buyers in this market want solid, comfortable and reliable, not exciting and sexy. They are more concerned with endorsements from Consumer Reports than “Car of the Year” awards from a magazine that most of them probably never read.

      Ford – like the other domestics – has basically had to rebuild its presence in this market segment from scratch. Neither Honda nor Toyota has shown any signs of major meltdowns with the Camry or Accord. Expecting the Fusion (or the Malibu, for that matter) to come anywhere near the Camry’s sales is wishful thinking at this point.  

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    Following is a list of the top-20 selling vehicles, ranked
    by total units.
    RANK VEHICLE 2009 2008 ’08 RANK % Chng
    1 Ford F-Series P/U 365,416 473,933 1 -22.9
    2 Toyota Camry 321,878 411,342 3 -21.7
    3 Chevy Silverado-C/K P/U 283,243 431,725 2 -34.4
    4 Toyota Corolla 262,654 328,878 4 -20.1
    5 Honda Accord 261,818 350,441 6 -25.3
    6 Honda Civic 237,403 321,987 8 -26.3
    7 Nissan Altima 184,925 252,357 9 -26.7
    8 Honda CR-V 172,528 183,346 11 -5.9
    9 Dodge Ram P/U 165,254 229,222 5 -27.9
    10 Ford Fusion 161,819 137,295 20 +17.9
    11 Ford Escape 153,888 145,577 17 +5.7
    12 Chevrolet Impala 151,952 244,692 7 -37.9
    13 Ford Focus 146,228 184,152 15 -20.6
    14 Chevrolet Malibu 142,194 160,898 26 -11.6
    15 Toyota RAV4 132,346 128,225 18 +3.2
    16 Toyota Prius 127,907 151,025 16 -15.3
    17 Hyundai Sonata 109,543 110,764 -1.1
    18 GMC Sierra P/U 99,698 155,564 12 -35.9
    19 Hyundai Elantra 97,506 92,085 27 +5.9
    20 Chevrolet Cobalt 96,052 175,259 14 -45.2

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    Mark MacInnis

    Since the F-150 is where the profits lie…..flat sales = lost money and cash flow…..

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