E85 Boondoggle of the Day: HUMMER H2 for You?

e85 boondoggle of the day hummer h2 for you

No, obviously. Nor anyone else, apparently. Now that GM is spending more time trying to sell the HUMMER brand than the HUMMER brand’s products, there’s not much on the product news front. But there is something. “The iconic HUMMER H2 is known for going where no other four wheel drive will venture,” a GM press release proclaims [ via Huliq News]. “The model breaks new boundaries for 2009 with standard E85 Flexpower capability on every H2 sold, making it the only model of its kind with can run on E85 ethanol.” Now there’s a claim. And just in case you thought boasting that your planet-killer poster child can run on a corn-based bio-fuel boondoggle that even tree-hugger’s have scorned, GM PR wants you to know… nothing much. About that, anyway. “Ethanol is an alcohol which can be distilled from a number of sources, ranging from renewable crops such as sugar cane, to biomass or waste materials. Particular emphasis is being paid to the need to utilize sources that do not affect the price of third-world food commodities. For example, GM is the leading automotive investor in developing E85 ethanol made from waste wood collected as part of forest wildfire prevention programmes. Undergrowth and dead trees that would otherwise be burned are converted into the ethanol.” Oh, OK, then. But GM is now trying to play-up the “E85 is cleaner for the air” arguement, which has never been properly verified. “In addition to reducing dependence on non-renewable petroleum resources, E85 ethanol helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can reduce smog-forming carbon exhaust emissions.” H2 reucing greenhouse gasses? Talk about beating a dead horse.

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  • R H R H on Sep 11, 2008

    Hannah, everyone has their own reasons for liking/disliking them...I guess I disliked them for the wrong reason, heh.

  • Will_F Will_F on Sep 11, 2008

    The reason GM makes ANY cars E85 compatible is because of the way CAFE fuel economy regulations are written. If GM makes them E85 compatible, it doesn't have to count the entirety of their terrible mileage in fleet mileage numbers. Never mind that there are almost no E85 stations in the country...

  • Kcflyer Guess we know who didn't give enough bribe money (aka campaign contributions) during the latest cycle. Got to pay to play boys and girls.
  • Ima65688420 I'll consider an EV when it can do what my ZR2 diesel can do with similar range and refuel times.
  • SCE to AUX Irony is everywhere:[list][*]The mfrs come to Washington asking for a steak, but get a burger instead. Gov't says "we gave you a meal."[/*][*]The alleged purpose behind EV subsidies is to clean up the air, but domestic content requirements means it's really an American nationalist agenda.[/*][*]Tesla lobbied against more subsidies on philosophical grounds, but got them anyway.[/*][*]Rebates on used EVs will drive up the price of used EVs.[/*][*]EV startups necessarily start with higher models, then work down-market. The new rules shut out Rivian and Lucid just as they are trying to get traction. But maybe - as with Tesla ca. 2018 - they won't lose high-dollar customers over a 'few bucks'.[/*][/list]What a mess.
  • Ajla Much like with CAFE I think the new MSRP limits should be set to a single level instead of $55K for cars and $80K for "trucks".
  • Bullnuke There was an interesting comment from the chief of a fire department made today concerning EV fires. "They're like trick birthday candles. They look like they're out and then they're on fire again.". I haven't noted a special subsidy or funding for the nation's fire departments regarding fire suppression training or equipment to combat "trick birthday candles".