Do NOT Watch Knight Rider

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Well, now that NBC’s lawyers have swooped down on the net like a helicopter appearing from out of nowhere, we can’t warn you not to click on a link to the entire episode of last night’s Knight Rider– the only TV show in the history of the world (ever) that can make Bewitched seem like Beowulf. Watch the preview above, but do not view the latest episode of the latest Knight Rider; you will never get that 42:38 seconds back. But if you feel you must, I highly recommend Autoblog’s live blog log as the best way to navigate to/around the truly excrutiating bits. Normally, Autoblog’s unabashed, puppy-dog-like love of all things automotive makes their PR-inspired analysis the equivalent of listening to an over-earnest co-worker describing a particularly boring meeting while he’s pissing in the adjacent urinal. But this time, Alex Nunez provides us with comic friggin’ gold. Or, if you prefer, haiku hilarity. “8:08: A Cobra (helicopter) shoots a missile at our fearless heroes. It is the world’s slowest missile.” I swear this is Autoblog’s. Best. Post. Ever.

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  • Jkross22 Jkross22 on Sep 25, 2008

    How many remakes, or "continuations" as the tool said in the video, are anywhere close to the original?

  • Serpico Serpico on Sep 25, 2008

    Funny how all these blogs have the time to even write about a show that sucks more than the tv crap we have been watching the past decade. Get over it and don't write about it or watch the show. We got reality shows that are worse than this. If you don't like it, don't watch it. We don't need to read articles every week about how horrible the show is. Sorry, for the rant, but I've read so many articles today about knight rider and most comments are plain ridiculous for a show about a talking car. And a headline like this is just plain dumb.

  • JuniorMint JuniorMint on Sep 25, 2008

    Serp: If we should just be avoiding things we dislike, shouldn't you be, uh, ignoring this article?

  • Theflyersfan Theflyersfan on Sep 26, 2008

    I wonder if the Garth 'stache is in the Smithsonian? Best evil prop ever! I do wish my car could alter the dice at a craps table...