Canadian Feds Reheat Yesterday's Pork

Samir Syed
by Samir Syed
canadian feds reheat yesterdays pork

An old buddy of mine, who became an organizer for Liberal Party of Canada, once told me “nothings smells like elections more than asphalt.” The pre-election release of the purse strings is a tradition as old as democracy itself. Machiavellian and cynical? Damn straight. It now appears that Canada’s federal government is ready to take the cynicism to a whole ‘nother level by promising old money before an election. It’s not new money, it’s only a reiteration of something that’s been known for months. The Globe and Mai l reports that Canadian PM Stephen Harper will travel to the heart of Canada’s rust belt to announce $200 million in pork for Ontario’s ailing automotive sector. That Ontario hold over 100 of the parliament’s 308 seats has absolutely nothing – nothing, I swear – to do with the announcement. Neither does the fact that Harper is expected to dissolve the government by Friday in preparation for the third federal election since 2003. Or that Harper`s government has been repeatedly taken to task by Ontario’s provincial government over its constant refusals to “invest” (i.e., give money) to Ontario’s automotive sector. The fact is, the announcement of this money dates back to Finance Minister’s last budget. It’s such old news that I asked Buzz Hargrove about it back on July 29th. What did Buzz say? “It’s peanuts”.

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  • on Sep 03, 2008

    Rumour is it is money to reopen the Essex Engine Plant for a 4 cylinder diesel. They are already working on the launch of the 5.0l at Essex so this is probably smoke and mirrors to save the one MP's seat in the area. Windsor is also the heart of the union movement in Canada. Just coincidence that it is also the heart of Canada’s rust belt. Or is it?

  • Troonbop Troonbop on Sep 03, 2008

    I'd like to give buzz some peanuts; they'd be a remarkably appropriate meal for him. As for the handout, it's a sad necessity of politics in this country to pacify the liberal voters who think it's caring to give industries money. I trust PM Harper not to get stupid and waste more than is necessary.

  • GE Levecque GE Levecque on Sep 04, 2008

    On Wednesday it was Ford getting a big Federal handout today its going to be General Motors in St, Catherines(near Niagara Falls) getting money for a new Transmission plant and yes a Federal election is to be called soon! So I would expect others to be in line for future handouts too! such is Politics all over the Map in North America!