Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
15 suvs you must buy now or not

Forbes hit the SEO (search engine optimization) mother lode when someone realized that Google hearts ten best lists. Since that fateful discovery, we’ve had The Ten Best Subcompacts for Badminton Players, The Ten Best Minivans In Which to Play Badminton and The Ten Best Muscle Cars for Overcompensating Badminton Players. Normally, I ignore these lists. But you gotta sit-up and take notice when Forbes expands their advertiser-pleasing OCD to a dead genre guzzling– SUVs– and ups the ante to “15 SUVs Worth Buying.” Huh? “Just because the movement in fuel-efficient or green cars looks poised to take another step forward [with the Volt], doesn’t mean SUVs are going the way of the dodo. It doesn’t even mean that they’re bad cars–or even bad buys.” The doubly negative (positive?) Jacqueline Mitchell reckons low prices and safety, safety, safety make SUVs OK again. But fifteen recommendations? I mean, who doesn’t get a look in? Just because you’re pandering to the major playas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t not widen the remit to the point where no one’s not included, does it? And let’s not even factor in depreciation, ’cause that would be a major downer. [Mercedes M-Class, Audi Q7, Acura MDX, Volvo XC90, Acura RDX, GMC Acadia/Buick Enclave/Saturn Outlook; Subaru Tribeca, Honda Pilot, Ford Taurus X, Volkswagen Tiguan, Saturn Vue, Hyundai Sante Fe, Honda CR-V, Mitsubishi Outlander and Subaru Forester.]

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  • Dean Dean on Sep 24, 2008

    Just because these SUVs are being advertised for $x doesn't mean they are selling for $x. Vehicles are worth what people will pay for them, not what the dealer hopes to get for them.

  • Cgd Cgd on Sep 24, 2008

    I agree on the where-are-the-SUV-deals questions. Other than a few financing deals, there don't seem to be many deals to be had here either. We do have the dearth of Honda Fits, Priuses, etc., on the small car end, but this apparently doesn't translate to deep SUV discounts, at least from what I can see.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Sep 24, 2008

    Are you guys really looking for an SUV deal? Have any of you called the local GM dealer and asked about any of their full size SUV deals? In addition to the 25% off which our dealer is advertising, you also get a 5 grand rebate. That means that a list price 40k Tahoe now goes for 25k. Is it a great vehicle, no. But it's a good vehicle, and has a lot of luxury, room, and utility for 25k. That's a good deal. If you are looking for a deal like that on a CUV its going to be harder to find. Many CUV's get great mileage for their size, so they aren't selling any worse than the midsize cars. It's the real SUV's that they can't seem to give away. If you actually do the math on your mileage, even using $5 gasoline, you may find it's a better deal than the smaller vehicle you were looking at.

  • Davey49 Davey49 on Sep 24, 2008

    I'd want my SUV to at least tow a 25 foot RV. Over 7000# tow capacity would be my starting point.