Volt Birth Watch 80: One Tough Cell

volt birth watch 80 one tough cell

The Detroit Free Press reports that GM has finally chosen a Volt battery supplier from its dueling development partners LG Chem and Conti. But in the interest of squeezing as many "Volt On The Way" headlines into future news cycles, it isn't saying which has been chosen. Both the battery partner and the final look of the production Volt will be previewed by the end of the year, probably whenever some bad news emerges that GM wants the public to ignore. In the meantime, this news means one thing, according to GM auto authoritarian Bob Lutz: "the Volt is real … and test work is progressing nicely." Perhaps not as nicely as Toyota's plug-in Prius though, which just had its delivery date bumped from 2010 to 2009. And with the 'yota PHEV set to arrive a year before the Volt's "late 2010" target, Lutz makes the case for waiting for the Volt to the AP. Toyota hasn't released an all-electric range for the Prius, but Lutz is assuming that because it's a parallel hybrid it won't match the Volt's 40 mile EV range. "After eight or 11 miles (Toyota's PHEV) reverts to being a completely normal gasoline-electric hybrid, which means you get about a 25-30 percent fuel savings, but the point is they do burn fuel." Lutz goes on: "A plug-in hybrid with a limited range is a very nice thing to have. It's wonderful that Toyota is working on this. If they have some test fleets out next year that's great. But it's not the same thing as a Chevy Volt, which is not a plug-in hybrid." Translation: it will cost more than the Prius, but you'll get more green cred. But don't take Bob's word for it. A full (theoretical) comparison test of the Volt and Plug-in Prius can be found here.

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  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Aug 31, 2008

    Will the Volt come with a free Art Lebedev Vilcus Dactyloadapter?

  • T2 T2 on Aug 31, 2008
    Good Luck on selling a used Lithium Ion battery powered car when the word gets out that you will need $10,000 to replace the batteries. Exactly that's why a lead acid pack at 1/5th the cost would be a worthwhile retrofit despite its lower performance. But when is the battery free (virtual battery) VOLT coming out ? T2

  • FreedMike $27,000 adjusted and the heater was optional? Wow, how things have changed...
  • Zang I’m sorry but does anyone desire GMC products? Looks are subjective but across the board GMC kinda makes a case for taking home the ugly trophy. Their full size trucks look like a parody of full size trucks- like they couldn’t figure out anything original so they came up with… that. I get they’re playing for an upscale image but cmon son, with the Terrain and Acadia on the lot we all know you ended up here after the Lincoln/Cadillac/Toyota dealer encouraged you head to their pre-owned section. Combined with the zero credibility they have with the off road / overlanding crowd (you dont take the current Canyon off road unless you want a quick way to empty your engine of oil), GM’s reputation for building crappy vehicles, and the fact even their white trash customer base prefers RAM … who is this for?
  • FreedMike This car looks terrific from the front. Then we have the back end...I don't think the "very expensive halo car" approach is a bad one at all (though I'd price this a LOT lower than $300,000), but the "ugly $300,000 halo car" approach is going to fail. And I think the Lyriq - which has the same horrid rear-end treatment - is going to fail too. Is it too late to restyle this car? God, I hope not.
  • Corey Lewis This is a great idea, and I like it on the regular Bronco.Don't care about it on the Bronco Sp, where it's very fake.
  • FreedMike By the time you add in the inevitable dealer markup, you might as well find a nice old-school Bronco, like this one. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-ford-bronco-114/