Do We Encourage Dangerous Driving By Watching It?

OK, so pulled the suburban sreet racing 'Vette video from their site, to which this post was originally linked. Fair enough. Commendable, really– if you adhere to the school of thought that presenting dangerous criminal activities to the general public may not be the best possible use of bandwidth. Rest assured I see the other side of this: first amendment and all that. Besides, there are plenty of illegal automobiling videos on Streetfire and YouTube. Do we really expect them to police every one?


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  • Ppd710 Ppd710 on Aug 14, 2008

    I don't understand why everyone is so upset over a go cart race. c'mon no harm no foul meeeeeeee, shift, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shift meeeeeeeee!!!

  • Vento97 Vento97 on Aug 14, 2008

    Looks like the "Fast and Furious" series unleashed a new wave of driver's ed washouts who stick wings on their cars - making them look like even bigger pieces of crap in the process....

  • Swamprat Swamprat on Aug 14, 2008

    I don't see what the problem is with this. I, for one am not going to participate in a drag race since someone showed it on Youtube. There were street races long before these ones. Some races end tragically, most are without incident. Should the activity be banned? It already is. Street racing would be far less common if we had an autobahn style highway in the United States and if local speed limits reflected reality. Of course, the penalties for road racing should be severe, but let's let the punishment fit the crime. If no one is hurt, obviously, the penalties shouldn't be as severe.

  • RFortier1796 RFortier1796 on Aug 15, 2008

    Swamprat, don't you know? Street racing never existed at all untill after the first TF&TF came out. If it weren't for Vin Deisel, no human being alive would ever consider even driving over the speed limit. Its all my generation's fault.