Acxiom Survey: Everything You Know is Right

acxiom survey everything you know is right

When it comes to PR-friendly consumer surveys, I'm from Missouri. I want to know who paid for them and what methodology was employed. Acxiom's " Automotive Consumer Dynamics Study" hails from an Arkansas data mining company whose website doesn't divulge a client list. Apparently, the study sample's from "the world’s largest repository of up-to-date U.S. consumer intelligence (InfoBase-XTM)… that spans over 200 million U.S. consumers representing over 130 million households and over 50 million vehicle purchase / trade-in transactions." Wow! So, with that in mind, Acxiom reckons some consumers are willing to trade down to small cars, and some aren't. Most consumers' vehicle choices are [now] heavily influenced by gas prices– but some aren't. Some consumers are hanging back on buying a new car, but most aren't. In fact, any member of the Best and Brightest who can find something rad in this study gets an honorable mention here: [ ———- ]

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  • J.on J.on on Aug 13, 2008

    Acxiom is owned by Citicorp... and they tend to be a rather large player on world business stage, I just mention that in passing.

  • Netrun Netrun on Aug 13, 2008

    Stupid name, bland conclusions, but really pretty data. :)

  • Slmngolf Slmngolf on Aug 13, 2008

    What's rad is that they reveal how different American consumers are, no matter how homogonized Top Gear hosts think we are.

  • Kevin Kevin on Aug 13, 2008

    Holy crap people. First, Acxiom is not owned by Citigroup -- don't know where you got that one. Acxiom is an independent publicly traded company (ticker ACXM). Second, not sure how it eluded you Robert, but here's a tip: that was just a teaser for marketing purposes. Acxiom has lots of juicy data but you'd have to pay for the good stuff. I'd say their little PDF actually does a pretty swell job of signaling to business intelligence pros what kind of data there is undertneath the covers. Finally, it's humorous that most of you have never heard of Acxiom, because you can rest assured they have long known everything about you. So yeah, they can probably produce some pretty sweet market research if they want to, and they don't need to stoop to doing some punk consumer surveys to get the data.