VW to Build Plant in Tennessee

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
vw to build plant in tennessee

Volkswagen has announced the location of their new U.S. plant. And the winner is… pardon me boys… Chattanooga. The Tennessee plant will be located in an existing "industrial megasite" to "produce a car designed specifically for the North American consumer." (The last time VeeDub tried building something specifically for the American market, they "Malibuized" the Rabbit– and retreated to the Fatherland, (cotton)tail between their legs.) VW figures on a 150k per year initial capacity for the new facility, which will begin production in "early 2011." "The U.S. market is an important part of our volume strategy and we are now very resolutely accessing that market," Martin Winterkorn, VW's CEO said. "We will be selling 800,000 Volkswagens in the U.S. by 2018 … [which] along with our growth strategy, is a prerequisite for the economic success of the company in the dollar region." Does that boy even know how to speak English? Anyway, inhabitants of the Tennessee Valley area of "the dollar region" are bound to appreciate the $1b VW's expected to pour into the local economy.

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  • Powerglide Powerglide on Jul 15, 2008

    Yes, Stingray, Verbal speaketh truth here. Malibu-ization was the actual term used at the time. VW had hired some flack from GM and set to making the original Golf, sold here as the 1975-78 Rabbit not only American-made, but suited for 'American' tastes. (Don't think Matt Damon here, think rather of the blue light flashing on aisle 4 at K-Mart) Hideous Datsun-style total color-coordination (the inside rear view mirror housing was the same horrid baby-blue as the rest of the interior) came to the previously serious German car. Compare: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/lit/77rabbit.php http://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/lit/79rabbit.php

  • Kjc117 Kjc117 on Jul 15, 2008

    Ha!, I predicted Tenn. months ago!!

  • M20E30 M20E30 on Jul 16, 2008

    "Americanize" is a stupid term. I would believe that most Americans would not want crappy handling and garish interiors. The Guy was out of his mind.

  • Nikita Nikita on Jul 16, 2008

    You have to understand it was the 1970's. Garish? How about the Chrysler Cordoba with "fine Corinthian leather". Handling? The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme was a huge seller and was considered a "sports coupe". That was my father's Oldsmobile.