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The next Acura?Honda got out of the supercar game when they discontinued the NSX in 2005. However, spyshots and gossip indicate they're about to get reenter the fray. By 2010, HoMoCo's supposed to show us another "New Sports eXperiment." Unfortunately (or not) the newcomer will no longer be mid-engined (I guess they learned that's "sacred territory"). Instead, the engineers will opt for the "GT approach," aiming their range-topper at the Lexus LF-A, Nissan GT-R, and (with some luck) European GTs. Camouflaged test vehicles show a sharp nose and dynamic side-line. The whole assembly reminds me in silhouette and proportions of the LF-A. I can say the same for the NA V10 engine. Let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be another "Not So eXotic". 

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16 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: Honda Supercar...”

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    Let’s hope they don’t put a hideous chrome cow-catcher on the front like all the other Acura’s.

    Lord knows I’m a loyal Honda fan, but whoever designed and approved the metallic tumors adorning the front of the new RL/TSX/TL/MDX needs to be taken out back and whipped.

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    Am I the only one who read “HoMo-Co” and giggled?

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    Yes, I chuckled.

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    Ryan Knuckles

    The whole assembly reminds me in silhouette and proportions of the LF-A.

    The silhouete and proportions remind me of a 2009 Accord coupe. Not a compliment. Atleast the NSX was classy and lean. This car has an apple-bottom.

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    the front part is disproportionally sloped and looks too skinny compared to rear. The front looks too lanky also because of narrow headlights.

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    John R

    If this was close to being true I feel like it would be the next Prelude with RWD and say Honda had a winner. However, if Honda plans on charging $100k…I dunno man.

    I have a feeling the GT-R is going to be just as fast and it looks the part, not just some hotted up Z. This looks like a $100k Prelude, even if it does have a 500 horse V10.

    We’ll see.

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    Yuck. This looks terrible – no offense to Andrei, who is just taking Honda’s own cues and doing the best he can with it.

    Instead of this G37-with-an-S2000-snout, I wish the 2004 HSC concept car was the direction Honda decided to go.

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    Looks like a little Mitsu DNA in that front end.

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    Definitely several steps down from the NSX in the looks department. Unless they can blow away the competition in the bang for the buck department it won’t compare, favorably, with the LF-A or GT-R, either.

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    Yay another bland sports car from Honda (or Asia for that matter). It’s a nice photochop and I think it illustrates a problem with current automotive “thinking”. Though I can imagine the type of person that appreciates pointless design continuity, it would be nice to one day see a car that makes one think “wow! what kind of car is that”. I love the design cues carried over from Civic. ??? It also appears to steal much from nearly every other manufacturers current offerings, all while still looking like a Honda. It’s like a first sit in the NSX realizing it was a pleated up Prelude with a mid engine and some over engineered aluminum. At least the NSX shape was borderline exciting for its time.

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    Am I the only one who read “HoMo-Co” and giggled?

    I had been waiting for “HoMoCo” for a while. I’m just surprised it took this long!

    The silhouete and proportions remind me of a 2009 Accord coupe.

    It looks virtually identical to the Accord coupe from the A-pillar back, to me. Ironically, it’s the front of the Accord coupe that I actually like – I can definitely leave the back end.

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    that would be an insult to the name NSX. maybe as the new prelude?

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    A large part of the “supercar” appeal is that it looks distinctive enough to convey its exclusivity. That is what make cars like the Countach or the 308 GTB, even the original NSX, go beyond just being fast and powerful, into being something desirable and evocative.

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    I like the shameless ripoff nod to the Datsun 240Z. Remove the Baleen whale krill grill/clown car tires/10 square meters of ground effects and you have a reasonable facsimile of a classic 70’s design.

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    Michael Ayoub

    As a new Acura/Honda, I love it. As the next NSX, no.

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    John Horner

    Why bother?

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