The Return of the Double Nickel?

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
the return of the double nickel

Want to save the equivalent of 30 cents a gallon on gas? The Detroit News says anyone can realize those savings if they just drive five miles per hour slower than usual. In fact, Department of Energy researcher David Greene estimates you could save $12 by driving 10 mph slower on a 500-mile trip. The tradeoff: it would add one hour to the trip (that you'll never get back). Don't get too overly zealous with your penny-pinching, though. The AAA warns that driving slower than 55 when the rest of the traffic is zooming past at 70 – 75 is "a recipe for a potential crash." Drivers in some states won't have to worry about that, though– Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota and Vermont are in various stages of considering bills to lower the speed limits on highways, in some cases to 55 mph. We're monitoring sales of CB radios…

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  • Volvo Volvo on Jul 04, 2008

    To SunnyvaleCa The Corolla rental was a 2009 automatic with 2400 miles on the odometer. I had it for 1700 mile trip in the rocky mountains. Mix of two lane highway and freeway. No city driving. Used cruise control a lot. Average MPG on that 1700 miles was 43mpg. I couldn't believe it. Minimal stop and go driving on that trip. I accelerated slowly and let speed build up downhill. Even with cruise control downshifting on steep grades I never saw less than 18mpg on the readout. 43mpg!!! Just amazing. Would buy one in an instant if not for the somewhat frightening handling on curvy mountain roads.

  • David C. Holzman David C. Holzman on Jul 05, 2008

    Lowering the speed limit will waste gas by creating more traffic. Slower speeds mean each car spends more time on the road getting to its destination; hence, more cars are on the roads all the time. Once a critical density is reached, you start to get traffic jams. Why can't they simply impose a carbon tax, and LET THE PEOPLE decide what how to cope. If reducing speed is really a good way to reduce carbon emissions, people will do it, but if they'd rather buy a prius (and keep driving fast to save time) or insulate their houses, what's the dif? You're still reducing the carbon emissions. Why do people think there's some sort of inherent good in picking on cars???! If the purpose is to reduce oil use, or reduce carbon emissions, do the most efficient thing, and tax the oil or tax the carbon.

  • Kevin Kluttz Kevin Kluttz on Jul 05, 2008

    Yeah, jerome, I just got a ticket not more than two hours ago. 78 in a 65. Yeah, that's speeding, but I was in complete control and traffic was light. Shit happens. No wrecks at all in 30+ years and this is what I get.

  • TriShield TriShield on Jul 05, 2008

    Americans get the government they deserve.